The world has changed.

The world was once filled with the vibrant energy of the natural order. Yet everything changed in only a day. All the energy had disappeared, leaving the world an arid wasteland, lacking in both the natural order, and the power that we, wizards once had. Only the day before, our community was prominent and influential, yet everything disappeared in an instant. The past had changed, giving way for disorder to change our lives. Not everyone remembers their previous life. A majority of mankind did not remember. Yet many of us, wizards, remembered.

So why were we allowed to keep our memories?

Why were we the only ones?

There must've been an explanation as to why the world's power disappeared. Yet none of us knew. So why…?

"Master Caius." Said a familiar voice

I looked up from my notebook to find my partner, Melina, standing in front of me, one hand on her hip.

"What is it?" I asked

"I heard from those of us stranded in Europe and the US."

"What did they say?"

"They said 'The Devil's Curse has descended'"

My heart skipped a beat. The Devil's Curse?

"Is that something of importance, Master Caius?"

"You may not know this, since you were not in the ruling council of the Sorcerer's Circle, but the Devil's Curse is a code for us. It is the rumored End of the World, known to normal humans as 'The Apocalypse'."

I could feel the surprise from her eyes, but her face did not betray any of her emotions. She was well trained.

"Then what shall we do?" She asked, her voice as monotone as humanly possible, as she always did

"There's only one thing left to do." I said, closing my notebook and standing up "Even if this is not guaranteed to change the world back, we must find the person who started this change.
I will kill him."