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By Breana Nash

An obviously relieved doctor Paul Madison rushed out of High Frequency Ward H201 at Grinatia Country Hospital on Saturday, December 14th, saying that Rod Sparkles is alive, but in a coma. Selene Sparkles, Rod's sister, is highly relieved.

"You have no idea the terror I was in…I was up all night, worrying." Selene sobbed, as I interviewed her.

Doctor Madison, who is also the father of fellow competitor Peter Madison, says that if Rod should wake soon. Hopefully.

Doctor Anna Lee Smith says that Rod will probably die in three days. "You know how [Paul] he is…always trying to cheer people up with false truths…I have been a specialist and doctor for twenty-three years and only four out of the ninety-three people our hospital has treated have woken up. So my conclusion is that Rod will die and that idiot Madison should stop smiling. Looks like a fool, you know."

The president has decided that December 15th shall still remain a no school day, much to the relief of many children.

"I was gonna go to Italy for vaca, ya know. It would've been like, so so sad if the holiday was canceled." Nine year old Crystalia-Jeananna Mistophia says.

All we can say is that we hope Rod will wake up ("after December 15th , of course." Crystalia-Jeananna Mistophia says).

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