This is an excerpt from the story I posted the prologue for. You do not need to read the prologue to understand this story. Things to understand:

-Amelia is the main character. She has a step mother named Lydia, a twin named Abigail, and a little brother who she loves very much named Toby.

-For most of this story. Amelia is possessed. However, Amelia does not know this, if this makes sense. The actions make sense to Amelia at the time that she does them, but they are never something she would do in a rational state.

Warning: This story contains violence. If this might trigger you, you might not want to read it.

Amelia clenched and unclenched her fists, cracking her knuckles as she focused all her willpower on annotating chapter fourteen of Jane Eyre. She snorted, annoyed- she should have been able to finish everything: the stupid book, the annotations, and the forty pages of Trig equations by this point in the summer. Have all her homework done within the first two weeks of break, tops, and have the rest to spend with her friends, be happy, like any other teenager in the country. Like she deserved.

But no. Toby, who was supposed to be out of sight, out of mind for the whole summer, had once again felt the need to leech all the attention and time, dragging them across the country for a few injuries that healed up to be nothing in no time flat. And then you would think he'd have his fill of concern and people's sympathy and misery- Jesus, the whole country had heard of him- but then for the remainder of the summer, he had to keep moaning and groaning, for help with his recovery and physical therapy and nightmares, the ever-present nightmares. Amelia rolled her eyes. The kid had been in an accident where sure, a bunch of people died, but he hadn't even seen anything all that terrible- that hardly called for PTSD and a full-blown hysteria attack every night. In fact, Amelia would bet that Toby was making up the bad dreams, just to have another thing to whine and whimper about.

Just like the visions. Did Toby really think that anyone was swallowing that crap? And no one was, but Lydia still fussed, excessive smoke inhalation induced hallucinations and all that.

Gritting her teeth, Amelia dropped the pencil she was holding and massaged her burnt wrist. What the hell was up with it? The initial injury had occurred almost an entire week ago, it should be all better. Instead it felt as prickly as ever, and burned cold under Amelia's fingertips. It should probably be taken to a doctor, Amelia mused, but then snorted bitterly. Yeah, right. Like Dad or Lydia would care about this tiny little harmless burn. It's not even worth looking at compared to what happened to Toby. Her mood darkened again. Amelia rolled her eyes, knowing her little attention-hungry brat of a little brother would come back any second now, lower lip quivering as he took up more of Amelia's time-


Amelia hissed under her breath. Speak of the devil. "What is it, Toby? Spit it out, I don't have all night."

Toby looked alarmed and dropped his eyes again, true to the aversion to eye contact he seemed to be developing of the late. "Um, it's seven. It's time for the bath."

"For God's sake, can't you do something yourself for once?" Amelia complained. She gestured to Jane Eyre and the already considerable pile of notes. "I'm finally getting started on my homework because for the first time all summer no one was badgering me."

Toby winced, as if Amelia had annunciated each of her words with a shard of glass burrowed into his skin. She snorted quietly in response. His act may fool others, but he was kidding himself if he thought he would fool Amelia. "Sorry, Lola, you're right. I'll be down in thirty." He smiled, but something was missing from it; something that Amelia hadn't seen since the family dropped the kid off at the airport to go to camp.


Amelia tried to let herself be absorbed back into her book, but she could not seem to get her mind away from her little brother. The little pest. Scratching absently at her burn, Amelia felt her muscles tense. Everything- it was his entire fault; all that had gone wrong with the Bielard family was all Toby's fault. He was tearing it apart from a snug position in the inside. This van accident, and all the baggage that came along with it, was just the newest development. Amelia and Abby's bitter resentment of one another was created because Toby drove a wedge in between them. Each trying to one up one another, trying to be the better sister while unbeknownst to them the brother they would sacrifice anything for was manipulating them like marionettes. Their Dad's slow but sure decline back into alcohol would not even exist if it weren't for the extra stress of another child, another mouth to feed, especially since that child is such a nuisance as Toby. And their mom…

Amelia suddenly jumped up from her seat. Her dull number two pencil rolled the floor with a clatter, but she did not spare a glance for it. Her mom. Amelia had forgotten a lot about her over the long years, but she still remembered the things that felt like they mattered. She had been beautiful, all gleaming locks of black hair and tinkling laughs and hushed lullabies that sang of the type of love that only a mother could know- and Toby had driven her away. She left without a word of goodbye after that three day vacation with Toby- she must have realized what a pathetic excuse she had for a son, so disgusted and mortified that Toby was hers that she left forever, never to be heard from again. It was all Toby's fault!

Amelia never thought you can actually see red when angry, but she was practically blinded by the color flooding her vision. Yet, somehow, her feet were flying up the steps soundlessly, boiling rage increasing with each step. She had no idea how she had gotten there, but she was standing outside a barely ajar door, listening to the sounds of the tub running, and then being stopped. Amelia counted to ten silently and then peeked into the bathroom. Toby was in nothing but his sweats, struggling to wrap the cast on his arm in Saran wrap, facing away from where his sister was watching him.

No longer able to wait and all attempts at stealth abandoned, Amelia rammed the door all the way open, making it crash against the wall. Toby whirled around, but Amelia was already shoving him brutally into the medicine counter. The breath flew out of his lungs with a gasp and he sagged to the ground. As Amelia crouched down beside him, Toby spun around, pinning her on the floor under him, the cast arm pressing down on her throat.

Toby's eyes widened in horror, the pressure on Amelia's neck releasing at once. "Lola…"

"Better believe it, baby brother," Amelia snarled. She curled up her legs, and with a powerful kick Toby was off of her, and his head was hitting the opposite wall with a loud thump. He tried to weakly rise to his feet with his one good arm, but Amelia beat him again, stepping on the hand, leading him to fall on his back. Amelia towered over him, drawing back her foot and kicking him in the ribs once, twice, three times. She was rewarded with her little brother curling in on himself, whimpering softly. Amelia freely laughed sadistically; she never had heard a more satisfying sound in her sixteen years. She fell to her knees and pinned Toby to the ground with one hand, raising the other hand into a coiled fist. As it descended, Toby didn't even flinch, just let his head be thrown to the side from the smack of skin on skin. Amelia brought her fist down again as powerfully as she could, and felt a pleasurable shiver when her knuckles met her brother's nose with a bone-snapping crunch. Toby didn't even cry out, just gave a small pained gasp and sat boneless under Amelia, making no move to resist the beating. Her knuckles wet with blood from the previous punch, she aimed this time for Toby's jaw, and was rewarded with Toby turning his head to the side and spitting out a tablespoon of a thick sticky blood-saliva mix, staining his teeth and lips red. He stared back up at Amelia, waiting for the next assault; ready to take it like he didn't care Amelia was beating the life out of his eyes. She growled. So the brat thought himself too dignified, too above Amelia to defend himself?

"Fight back, Tobymy," Amelia taunted. When Toby did nothing but raise his chin, she slapped his purpling cheek. "I said, fight! For once in your life, do something right!"

A spark of anger ignited in Toby's eyes. "No. I won't do it, because you're not my Lola. There's something bad about this place, someone bad, and it has got its hold on my sister. But whatever it is, whatever it does to me, it won't make me hurt Lola!"

"Wrong answer," Amelia jeered, punching Toby's sternum, causing him to wheeze for air that would not come. She could not find satisfaction in simply that, though, moving on with equal frenzy to his soft flat stomach, his bruised ribs, the places Amelia saw the thick bandages covering the burns over his entire body. Sliding a leg out from underneath her, she felt her foot connect solidly with Toby's head. She scooted next to her brother's side, caressing his hair in a warped parody of comfort, smearing Toby's short locks with his own blood as she watched him cough up another miniscule amount of bodily fluid. Toby groaned as he turned back to face Amelia, his eyes slightly glazed and his breaths shallow. His good hand clutched at his battered ribs, and his eyelids were at half-mast.

Amelia slapped him again, and his breath hitched. "Stay awake, baby brother," she sneered. "You deserve all of this, the least you can do is remain conscious."

Toby's swollen bottom lip quivered open, as if the effort of that alone drained him. "C'mon, Lola, please, whatever's making you do this, you're stronger than it, I know you are. Fight back, please, before it kills me-" Amelia cuffed his chin with a ferocity that she hadn't known before.

"Shut up!" she screamed. She didn't know what the brat was talking about, but whatever he meant, he was definitely wrong. Amelia wanted him to know that it was just she, solely her, delivering the pain. "Don't you see, Tobymy boy?" She leaned over him so their breath would intermingle. Hers smelled of peppermint while his smelled of fresh blood. "Nothing is making me do this. I've always hated you, always looked for the perfect time to do this." Amelia pressed her arm down on Toby's neck just as Toby had done to her in those few precious moments minutes earlier when he had the upper hand. She leaned down with her full weight, eliciting pained gasps for air from the boy. She continued conversationally, as if her brother weren't choking underneath her, desperately trying to get oxygen, but still not raising a finger to stop it. "You know, Abby and Daddy and Lydia, they've never said they wish you were gone, off their hands, dead, but I bet they'll be glad you are. I mean, what are you, really? Nothing but a selfish little brat who is a burden to all you meet."

Toby was starting to pass out, so Amelia took a little weight off of his neck- just enough to make sure he heard every word Amelia had to say.

"We all ignore that elephant in the room; you know, Mom's disappearing being your fault? But we know it's true," Amelia hissed. "She was ashamed to even look at you- she could tell what a self-centered little monster you'd grow up to be." A thought struck Amelia, and she got completely off Toby's neck, leaving him gasping and clutching his throat. "Admit it," Amelia leered. "Confess, right to my face. Repeat after me: it's my fault that Mom's gone."

Little tears made tracks down Toby's bruised, swollen, bloodied face. "I- it's my fault that Mom's gone," he croaked.

Amelia smiled victoriously. "That's right, you sick brat. And the fire, too! You hid through that trapdoor, saved yourself, while you let everyone else burn alive. There were five-year-old girls in there, Toby! Girls that they now only have dental records to identify!" Amelia screamed, no longer able to take pleasure in the short sobs coming from Toby because of the pulsing red haze clouding her vision. "Is your pathetic life worth more than theirs? Do you deserve to live more than they do?" Amelia turned away.

Toby, who was kneeling unsteadily on his knees, shuddered, hands shaking, looking at the ground. "I'm so sorry, Lola. I'm sorry I didn't save them instead of me." His watery eyes looked up to Amelia's back. "I dream about them every night, and I know I made the wrong choice in letting them die… I'm sorry!" He sobbed.

Amelia snorted. "Now you apologize. Well, it's too little, too late, Toby! You listened to those people scream as they were burnt to a crisp, and you didn't move a finger." Amelia stared coldly into her brother's haunted eyes. "You're a murderer. You should've died in that fire. And I'm gonna right that wrong."

Toby looked dully at Amelia, than traced her eyes to the forgotten bath, the water now long cold. Amelia wordlessly picked up Toby from under his armpits, clutching him tight enough to leave bruises, and dragged him over to the tub.

"It is almost fitting," Amelia whispered teasingly into Toby's ear. "My whole life, I have been sinking from your filthy burden, have been drowning every day under the weight you saddled me with. And I've tried, I really have… but this is the only way. Its my turn to make you suffocate, to make you gasp for air..."

Toby stared at the water, a new spark of horror in his eyes. "Amelia, don't, please, don't kill me. It- it will ruin your life, you don't know what you're doing…"

Amelia continued as if Toby hadn't said a word, carefully poising Toby's limp form over the mouth of the tub. "If a person is underwater for fifteen minutes, they face certain death. But I somehow don't think it'll take that long for you… whaddya think, Tobymy? How many minutes do you think you'll take? Five? Ten? I'm betting on the former. After all, you are just a kid. A whiny kid who ruined my life, but nonetheless, a kid."

Toby tried to turn his head to look at Amelia, but she forced his head back around so the only thing he could see was the blue-tinged water and his certain death. "Lola…" His voice cracked. "I don't wanna die."

She snorted. "Tough."

"But after you do it, I want you to take away as much evidence as you can. Clean up the bathroom as much as possible, drive me somewhere, the lake or someplace, and-" Toby's voice cracked, fear plain on his face. "And let me sink. No one has to know," he pleaded.

Amelia smiled knowingly. "I can't do that, can I? I want credit where credit is due. Damn the consequences, I want the whole world to know that Amelia Bielard murdered you, finally did something worth note." She laughed. "I'll deserve a medal."

Amelia saw Toby swallow in the reflection in the water. The tears had stopped, but he looked more terrified than ever, his face ashen, his pupils dilated. She yanked his head up by a tuft of hair, and ignoring his cry, hissed into is ear. "Any last words, little brother?"

Toby was quiet for a few beats, and for a second, Amelia thought that he was refusing to be cooperative, a brat up to his last breaths. But then she heard it, in a soft shaky whisper.

"I love you, Lola. I do."

Amelia laughed quietly, bringing her mouth right next to his ear, whispering teasingly at the Tobye volume that Toby had used. "Oh, is that so, Tobymy?" Her voice morphed into a cold sneer. "Well, I hate you."

With that, Amelia grabbed one side of Toby's head with each hand, and shoved his face underwater.

Bubbles frantically rose to the surface of the water, and Toby's head thrashed in the water. But he didn't stand a chance: he never did, his sense of self preservation against Amelia's infinite anger, anger that she did not even know the source of. There was nothing that Amelia desired more than to sate her thirst for revenge, but Toby was not fighting. Despite the fact that he was dying, he still refused to struggle against his sister-

Wait. It looked like Amelia was wrong. She had thought that her brother had lost consciousness, because the frenzied bubbles had ceased. But his hand was shakily raising towards Amelia's arm, weakly brushing against her, a last attempt to save his life, too late. Amelia snorted. Pathetic.

And then she noticed the proximity of his ring, Mom's ring, on his hand, to her burn. It was shakily getting closer. And for some inexplicable reason, Amelia did not want that ring to touch it. She raised one of her hands, frantically trying to bat his away, because it could not touch the burn, it could not, it would ruin everything-

But despite her haste and desperation, she was not quick enough. The ring barely grazed her injury, sending a jolt of heat through Amelia, before his hand fell down, limp, and he moved no more.

Then, everything rushed into Amelia, and she inhaled sharply, trying to sort everything out in her mind.

That was Toby's head in the tub, his patched hair floating in the red-tinged blue water. Tinged by her brother's blood. And he was unconscious, (not dead, not dead, not dead), unable to get air because someone was holding him under, Amelia was holding him under-

Amelia heaved Toby out of the water, resting him on the floor gently. His lips were tinted blue, and he wasn't breathing.

No. No.

Toby had been the solitary survivor of that fire, had nearly died in that hospital countless times, and had come out walking. This would not kill him.

Amelia began rescue breaths, thanking God for lifeguard training. She breathed for Toby, felt his chest obediently rise and fall, and listened for him to start breathing on his own.


She laced her fingers together, and began compressions, the statistics racing through her mind unhelpfully. If a kid Toby's age was underwater for four or more minutes, most would face brain damage. Amelia tried to think of how long she had held Toby under, but she had no idea. Even if Toby woke up, would he still be Toby?

Amelia did two more rescue breaths, and then continued with compressions, ignoring the hot tears budding in her eyes. She had no right to cry. She had tried to murder her brother, and she had no idea why, or what even happened, but that did not change the fact that if her brother was dead, it was by her hands-

Toby coughed up a small tablespoon of water, the liquid dribbling over his chin. A few seconds later, his eyes opened heavily, blinking away the droplets that clung to his eyelashes and wheezing for breath.

He swallowed a few times before attempting to speak, and when he did, it sounded raw and painful. "L-lola. S'Okay, Lola, I know what did-"

Amelia shook her head frantically, backing away. "No, no, no! I did it, it's my fault- oh God, I need to call nine one one- "

"Lola! No!" Toby tried to stand up to stop her, but his first full breath left him wheezing again, coughing violently on his knees.

Amelia reluctantly left her brother to run to the phone. She dialed a nine and a one, her finger shaking, but before she could finish a foreign hand smacked the device out of her hand. Amelia looked up to find her neighbor, Ms. Anderson who was in her late sixties, looking at her with a dangerous glint in her eye and holding a knife that looked like it had no place in the neighborhood, let alone in little Ms. Anderson's hand. Amelia opened her mouth to scream, but the older woman slapped her well-manicured hand over Amelia's lips before a syllable got out. In fact, Amelia suddenly couldn't make one sound- no matter how much she tried, the only thing that came out of her mouth was silence.

"Good," Ms. Anderson said in her breathy voice. "Now dear, we need to discuss a thing or two about what just happened, but we don't have long. But first we should attend to Toby, so you will shut up and keep your mouth closed while I save your brother's life, or I will slit your throat to the bone. I am equally happy with either option. Understand?"

Amelia tried to shake her head violently, because No, she did not understand. In fact, she didn't understand one thing that had happened in the past hour. But she found herself paralyzed, looking at her reflection in Ms. Anderson's beady brown eyes, and was helpless as she watched the woman smile victoriously and creep upstairs to where her brother could still be heard wheezing, trying to catch a precious breath.

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