Otto stared at the carnage through a curtain of bloody mint-green hair. Large pieces of debris lay all over the ground, a few of them even on fire. Standing up on shaky legs, Otto set out to find the rest of his friends. Hope everyone is okay…

Otto stumbled through the debris, looking and listening for signs of any of his companions. The shocking red hair of Stella, a flash of white that could be Blanc, the sound of Kamijou shooting his guns, anything would be welcome at this point. A familiar shock of electric blue hair stood out to Otto, and he released a sigh of relief. At least I found Pops…now we can go look for the rest together.

As Otto walked towards Weiss, he called out "Hey, old man! Get up so we can go find the others!" Weiss made no sign of moving, and concern quickly marred Otto's features. He picked up the pace and walked quicker towards Weiss, fighting away the thought that Weiss could be injured severely.

"Hey, Weiss, get up." Otto finally reached Weiss' location. His back was turned to the mint-green haired teenager, so he walked around to see his face. Otto stopped in front of Weiss, not fully comprehending what he saw. Weiss lay on the ground with his eyes half open, making it seem like he was staring at something far in the distance. A thick trail of dried blood ran down his face, coming from some unseen wound.

Weiss' current state did not bother Otto too much, he had been hurt badly before but he always recovered. Otto squatted down in front of Weiss and waved his hand in front of his face. "Oi, Old Man, get up. We have to get moving." The thought that Otto had been fighting down began to swirl through his head faster and faster when he realized that Weiss' eyes weren't following his hand.

Otto dropped to his knees and put a hand on Weiss' shoulder. "Hey, Old Man, let's go. We have to find the others." Otto began to shake Weiss' shoulder, starting off gently but getting more desperate the longer he went without a response. "Dad? Get up Dad. We have to go."

All the while, a single thought was running through Otto's head. He isn't dead. He's just out of it, that's it. He's not dead. He can't be dead. Otto placed both hands on Weiss' shoulder and began to shake him more violently. "Dad! Get up! Dad, please, get up. Please…" Tears began to roll down Otto's face as he watched Weiss' head roll back and forth on his shoulders. He's not dead. He's not dead. He's not dead he's not dead this isn't happening he's not dead he's not dead he's not dead….

"Nonononono this can't be happening…" The reality of the situation hit Otto like a ton of bricks, and he dropped Weiss' shoulders. The sound of his shoulders hitting the ground was drowned out by the scream that ripped from Otto's throat. He screamed and screamed until his lungs couldn't take it anymore. He collapsed and cried, his body wracked with violent sobs.

A scream tore through air and the quartet swiveled around at the sound. "You guys heard that, right?" Blair, Stella, and Roma all nodded in affirmation at Zen's question. "I think it came from over there," Stella said, pointing west of their current direction. "Let's go." They set off towards the sound of the scream, Stella leading the way.

"Guys, look! It's Otto and Weiss. I'm gonna go meet up with them." "We'll catch up," Zen responded. Stella nodded and ran towards the duo, approaching them quickly. She stopped moving once she was close enough to see the pair properly. She covered her mouth-which was opened in a silent 'o'-and tears started running down her face.

Blair noticed Stella stop moving, and she ran up to meet her. "Stella, what hap…?" Her eyes landed on the sobbing Otto first, and she didn't want to take her eyes off of him. She knew Otto didn't cry unless something was serious, and he had never sobbed this hard before. She took a deep breath and looked at Weiss. The sight of his lifeless eyes confirmed what she was already thinking.

She stood frozen to the spot, her eyes glued to her dead lover. We barely had any time together…we never got a chance to be together…his life…it was supposed to go on longer than this…he had so much to accomplish…so much left to do with his life…this… wasn't supposed to happen…he's not supposed to be…be dead… "Weiss, "Blair whispered.

Suddenly, Blair fell to her knees, unaware of the tears streaming down her face. She wasn't aware of Stella crying next to her; she wasn't aware of Otto crying next to Weiss, she was only aware of the lifeless eyes of her lover staring back at her.

"Hey, what happened to those two? They both stopped moving." Roma shrugged and readjusted Zen's arm over her shoulder. "Let's go check it out." The pair walked over to their unmoving friends, supporting each other as they walked. They needed each other's support; they had sustained the worst injuries out of anyone they had met up with so far.

Roma was the first to pick up on why the other girls had stopped so suddenly. "Oh no…" she whispered. Zen was about to ask what she was talking about when they pair joined the rest of their group. A sharp pang of despair rang through Zen's chest once his eyes landed on Weiss' body. His eyes traveled over Otto and Blair, and realized that they were hurting the most.

"Roma, we have to help them somehow." Roma turned to look at Zen. "Do you think we can move without each other?" "Even if we can't, we have to help them." Roma nodded and unwound her arm from Zen's waist as he removed his arm around her shoulder. Zen sat down next to Blair and laid a hand on her shoulder. The sudden, unexpected touch snapped her out of her daze and brought on a fresh wave of sobs. She turned towards Zen and cried into his chest. Zen wrapped his arms around Blair's shaking frame and began to cry, too, for the loss of the closest thing he ever had to a brother.

While Zen cried with Blair, Roma made her way over to Otto. He was curled into a fetal position next to Weiss, crying violently over his death. She bent down, tears of her own running down her cheeks, and picked up Otto. The movement made the young teen cry harder, and in that moment something inside Roma broke. She took a few steps away from Weiss' dead body and sank to the floor with Otto still in her arms.

She began to cry harder, crying for all the memories she had with Weiss, crying for all the things she knew Weiss would have done with his life, crying for herself, crying for Stella and everyone else who was yet to find Weiss, crying for Blair at the loss of a lover, crying for Zen at the loss of a brother, but most of all crying for little Otto, who at thirteen had to deal with the loss of a parent for a second time in his life.