So, the other day I was in a mall in a big city (which, coming from a girl who lives in a city with a population that rounds up to 24,000 and that has a mall in which you can literally run from one end to the other in about ten seconds, is a big deal) with my boyfriend and his sister. They went into a store looking for Mother's Day presents, and while wandering around the store I found an awesome book. It's called 642 Things to Write About and literally has 642 prompts contributed by 35 different people. I flipped through and loved it so much that I decided to buy it. I figured it would a good challenge for me, and since I have almost nothing written that I want to post, I decided I'd post whatever I write.

Now to explain a little how this'll work. Some of the prompts are intended to be works of fiction, while others are meant to be personal. In my writing, some of the fictional ones will be based on real experiences, and some of the personal ones will be fiction, for various reasons. The more personal ones are likely to be pretty boring to the general public, so it will not hurt my feelings if you don't read them. Also, some of the prompts are pretty short and don't give much to write about or are directly related to one another, so short and/or related prompts will be posted together as a single chapter.

Well, that's all for the moment. I should be posting the first prompt in the next couple days, so keep an eye out for it if you're interested. Until then, have a wonderful life!