Authors note: I am terrible at keeping my attention on one story! This story just popped into my head, and I may not do very much with it. Enjoy. Author out (;3

I met him as a youngling. The day was nice, the first warm day I could actually enjoy. However, that all changed when the sky turned red over the clearing of the trees. This was caused by none other than what we knew as a red wing .The transparent red color of the skin on their wings would partially block out the light over a small area, turning it blood red. Of course, it only lasted for a moment before the color was gone, because the red wing had landed.

No. The red wing had fallen.

My calling is Blue wing. I was the first youngling to be concerned for the crashed red wing dragon. As the elders began to go towards it, I followed, unlike my peers. They were shocked to the bones of those things, even though in at least one of their lives, they would have to face one for territory. I wanted to see what these things were up close. That is why my name was Blue wing anyway. I can see the world from a different perspective through a colored wing.

This dragon was something to behold. It sprawled out, showing its golden underbelly beneath its light orange top armor. When it moved its wing, I saw how it crashed. A large tear at the base of the wing. 'A fight, huh?' I thought. This dragon looked too old to be fighting. 'Why would it?-' A sound came from the red wing. A growl. Not from the red wing itself though. It came from the youngling defending it.

And that's how I met him.

Fire tail.

After note: This is gonna be fun. I wanted to put these characters in something, so I tried this out, and I quite enjoy it. Tell me if you did. Seriously, I don't want to make another chapter for no one. Author out. (;3