Jack's Addiction

Jack was a man with a passion for one.
He often saught friends.
Such is a man with none.
Today he saw a dance, dazzling his dreams.
He now knows a dance which no one has seen.

Jack was a man with a hole in his heart.
He wept all alone.
Such are lovers apart.
Tonight he saw a chance, setting the stage.
He's now imprisoned inside an open cage.

Jack was a man who latched onto hope.
He never mastered much.
Such is a man who copes.
Tomorrow he'll see a river. It'll tempt him to swim.
He's afraid of the waters. He's afraid of him.

Jack is a man with his name on a card.
He throws his hand early.
Old habits die hard.
Yesterday he lost. His spirit starts to fade.
Such is the life of a jack of all trades.