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Damn it, I promised I wouldn't get too emotional when this story ends but of course, I'm typing this with a frown on my face and listening to one of the songs in Out of the Blue about a gazillion times.

It has been an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING experience for me to write this, to get to know all the characters that I've grown to love and to share it all with you guys! So I'd just like to say a final BIG OL THANK YOU to everyone who read this from beginning to end, who followed the story, who followed me, added this story and me to your favorites and all the wonderful reviews that never fail to make me smile. Thank you for bearing with Ever, all her innocence, her decisions and breakdown moments. She was just a name with a story to tell but you guys made her come to life. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU all the followers;

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I've written a list of all the songs (because someone requested it), some fun facts about the story, and my favorite quotes from all the main characters in Out of the Blue. Feel free to give it a read, but even if you decide not to… Just thank you! A bunch of love for everyone.

Out of the Blue Playlist (by Artist):

(Songs that I recommend are star(*)-ed :D)

Taylor Swift

Forever & Always (Ch 17 quote)

* All Too Well (Ch 25 quote)

The Last Time - Taylor Swift ft. Gary Lightbody (Ch 32 quote)

Breathe (Ch 34 quote)

* You Belong With Me (Ch 42 quote)

I Almost Do (Ch 39 quote)

State of Grace (Sam's story)

Avril Lavigne

Darlin' (Ch 4 quote)

Everybody Hurts (Ch 10 quote)

Remember When (Ch 11 quote)

Anybody Out There (Ch 22 quote)


Crazy (Ch 20 quote)

Gone Too Soon (Ch 12 quote)

Break the Spell (Ch 16 quote)

Start of Something Good (Lindsay's story)


Fool Again (Ch 14 quote)

I Don't Wanna Fight (Ch 38 quote)

Safe (Ch 40 quote)

Olly Murs

* Hand on Heart (Ch 3 quote)

Dear Darlin' (Ch 19 quote)

What a Buzz (Ch 43 quote)

Kelly Clarkson

Standing in Front of You (Ch 5 quote)

You Love Me (Ch 26 quote)

Ed Sheeran

Drunk (Ch 24 quote)

U.N.I (Ch 33 quote)

Demi Lovato

It's Not Too Late (Ch 21 quote)

Made in the U.S.A (Ch 44 quote)

The Script

If You Could See Me Now (Ch 35 quote)

* Breakeven (Ch 36 quote)

Various Artists

* Good to You – Marianas Trench (Ch 1 quote)

Vanilla Twilight – Owl City (Ch 2 quote)

* Now You Know – Hillary Duff (Ch 6 quote)

Payphone - Maroon 5 (Ch 7 quote)

Before the Storm - Jonas Brothers ft. Miley Cyrus (Ch 8 quote)

Just So You Know - Jesse McCartney (Ch 9 quote)

The Truth - Kris Allen (Ch 13 quote)

What You Mean to Me - Sterling Knight (Ch 15 quote)

* Crush - David Archuleta (Ch 18 quote)

Volcano - Phillip Phillips (Ch 23 quote)

* Lift Me Up - The Afters (Ch 27 quote)

* All She Knows - Bruno Mars (Ch 28 quote)

Shine - The Skies of America (Ch 29 quote)

Wedding Dress - J. Reyez & Tommy C (Ch 30 quote)

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri (Ch 31 quote)

New Classic - Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez (Ch 37 quote)

* Open Your Eyes to Love - LMNT (Ch 41 quote)

Lie – David Cook (Matthew's story)

It Is What It Is – Lifehouse (Layla's story)


1. All of my stories always start from a vision, where I keep seeing a certain scene or words play in my head over and over. It only goes away when I start writing about it so I was at school one day, and I saw the scene when Trevor held an umbrella above Ever's head in front of a mother's graveyard. They also kissed afterwards and I heard Jesse McCartney's song Tell Her playing in the background. At first I was like, what the hell?! How do I begin writing about these two crazies who kissed in a freakin' graveyard in the middle of a storm? Because I didn't know anything about them. Other scenes that kept repeating in my head is the Prologue, when they danced in the Gala. Ever with that dress, Trevor asking if she loved him and also the youtube video of Decipher's first interview. I think they really represent the whole vibe of Out of the Blue well.

2. At the beginning, the main characters were named Trevor and Skylar. I know, weird. I started writing, and when I got to the 3rd page, I noticed that I kept writing the name Ever instead. I erased the Evers and changed it back to Skylar but the same thing kept happening so I just changed the name to Ever. Heh, the girl's practically got her own mind, and that was only on the first chapter.

3. Sam and Layla weren't supposed to be together. I'd always known that Lindsay would end up with Eric one way or another because their chemistry was crazy. But Layla and Sam… I had no idea how that happened and I still don't! It's great to know a lot of people find them to be a cute couple, though

4. Matthew's one shot was originally written from Trevor's point of view. I wanted to dump all the secrets there because around the time I posted that chapter, a lot of people were asking if the story involved incest. It made me really sad and I didn't know how else to answer that than proving them wrong. But of course, revealing everything so soon would kill the whole mystery side of the story and also, a lot of girls were fangirling over Matthew! Who would've thought? So I took the opportunity and re-wrote everything. Luckily it turned out alright. Lol

5. It took me three years to finish this story. I started writing when I was in tenth grade, on paper. 300 words took about 30 minutes in average for me to write down (as of now the story has 101.984 words. Crazy.), and then a friend of mine took about two weeks to type it for me. And I spent roughly 3 hours on editing each chapter in computer (with a writing program called Scrivener) the first time, and around 10-20 minutes the second time. Yikes, that's a lot of hours as Ever Sonnet.

6. All through the process of writing this story, I kept searching for a song that could describe Ever and Trevor's relationship perfectly. Even after I finished writing it (on paper) I still couldn't find it. BUT, about a month ago I stumbled on a song called Pretending by Lea Michelle and Cory Monteith (may he rest in peace ). At first glance, I liked it, put it in my phone, listened to it when I shower, and then all of a sudden, it just clicked. This is it. The perfect Ever and Trevor song! The lyrics, the vibe, everything about it. You can even imagine all their sweet and bitter moments while listening to this song! Although, You Can Let Go by Backstreet Boys and Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran is what I put on loop whenever I get stuck and don't know what to write next. I'm pretty sure I've heard those two songs more than 200 times. And guess what? IM STILL LISTENING TO IT RIGHT NOW.

7. I'm not sure I can let go of the characters so easily because they're kind of like family to me. So… I'm CONSIDERING of writing either one of these for my next project;

* Out of the Blue from Trevor's point of view. (But I don't know what the title should be. Has to have blue in it. lol)

* Lindsay and Eric's story (But then I'd feel obliged to make one for Sam and Layla and that'll just take forever)

* Hayden and ?'s story (Still not telling you who she has a crush on. Hint: He plays a musical instrument that involves strumming in a band called Decipher.)

* Out of the Blue TWO! ("TrEver's romantic journey starts now…" I'm not too crazy about the tag line either, but you get what I mean.)

OR… not. Maybe I should just move on.

Character Quotes

(my favorites! Tell me if you guys have any :D)

Aunt Bella

"I wonder if he looks as good as she says. The girl can't shut up," he snickers.

Aunt Bella smacks him on the arm. "We're trying to buy their house. Be nice, Ben."


"You think I came all this way because of a crush?"

I shrugged a little. She stopped and sighed in defeat. "Good guess."


"Would you mind throwing a shirt on, Liam?" Trev says from in-between his gritted teeth.

Liam plops himself beside me and throws his head back while closing his eyes. "Maybe later."


1. "Hello, I'm Trevor. I sing… and…"

"That's pretty much it," Matthew says with pursed lips.

2. "Fuck you Matty," Marshall says with a smirk on his face. "Just you wait for my revenge."


1. "Hi. Thank you for coming, Mr. Eric."

"Please don't call me that," he cringes. "It sounds wrong when I'm here holding her hand," he glances at Lindsay who slaps his arm playfully.

2. "Are you mad?" I say.

Eric's eyes softens and he sighs, running his hand down my hair.

I smile to him and he smiles back.

"No. I'm actually glad you did," he says. "Because I probably wouldn't for a long time."


1. "I'm starting to think all your winnings has something to do with me," Logan grins.

I throw him a puzzled expression.

"First the swim-team and now this. I must be your lucky charm," he wiggles his eyebrows.

2. "Ever can be pre-tty handful at times," Lindsay notes.

My face is turning into all shades of red.

"I believe she was on her best behavior," Logan grins

3. "If my hands aren't dipped in water, I would try to kiss you," he chuckles.

Uncle Ben

1. "If it isn't my little princess," he holds my face in his arms and I smile brightly. He's well built, with short-cropped caramel hair and hazel eyes.

"And her prince charming, I see."

2. "I get the feeling that you know exactly what you're supposed to do in this Trevor situation, but you're not doing it."


"Nothing is 'Trevor's thing' or 'Dad's thing' or 'Sam's thing,'" my Dad completely overuses air-quotes and I can't stop myself from laughing. "You can do anything you set your mind to. Even if you pick arts or math or engineering, if that's where your heart is, Mom and I will support you all the way."


1. "I see," she says. "Don't do anything you wouldn't want me or Dad to see."

2. "You guys always gang up on me," Mom complains.


"You know how people say there are two kinds of love? One that's passionate, all over the place, dangerous, trouble-making… sort of like fire. And the water; that's calm and refreshing, that you can always turn to?"

I nod enthusiastically.

"Emmalyn and I…" he takes a deep breath and chuckles. "We were both."


1. "Speaking of, you've been laying low this year," I nudge her.

"Yeah… not exactly in the predator mood."

2. "Ever's adopted," Lindsay says.

Cece drops her groceries. "Holy shit."


"I'm single. I'm happy. I have no time for guys," she shrugs.

2. Layla laughs the hardest and Lindsay throws some chips at my face. I squeal and throw some back. When some of the ammos miss and hit Layla, she joins in the fun as-well.

"Stop! Stop!" Lindsay laughs.

"These are precious babies we're throwing here!" Layla starts savaging those that haven't turned to crumbs.

3. "If you need me…" Layla attempts to begin one of her lectures.

"You're already on my number 1 speed dial, Layla," I say.

She sighs. "I know. I know. Just don't hesitate to call."


1. "Oh, I did my homework alright. I just need a moment out of that hell hole," he grins and Phantom comes out.

2. "Oh Jeez, Ever. Don't tell me you're pregnant."

3. I laugh as she walks away nonchalantly.

"So that's what abuse does to you," Sam mumbles while rubbing his poor arm.

4. "Ever, you especially… I don't know why we stopped being friends. You're the coolest girl I've ever met," I say to the girl beside me. "I'm sorry."


1."You got to detention again?"

"The bitch witch started it," Lindsay mumbles.

2. "First of, I smile a lot. That doesn't make me a love-sick puppy. Second, he is a good guy. I've known him since forever…And third, I'll tell you guys when I'm ready. And… when you're ready," Lindsay smirks.

3. "Ever's not some puppy who can't handle herself. She'll be fine," Lindsay says.

4. "Sick," I say. And boy do I sound sick.

"Probaby result of lying down on the cold concrete, not doing something about your panda eyes, and telenovela rain-kiss scene yesterday," Lindsay says, munching on the scrambled egg.

Trevor laughs and the sound of it makes me feel even better.

"And don't smack me, you know it's true," she adds before Layla's hand lands on her arm.

5. "Are you going to wash off and sleep with me or what?" I say when I feel my tiredness kick in.


1. "Did he apologize?" I ask.

"Enough times to make me forgive him."

2. We walk out of the hospital with me trailing close behind Matthew. I look for a car but all I see is a yellow Ferrari. Matthew walks over and opens the door. I just stand there with my mouth hanging open. He owns a Ferrari?!

"Do you want me to open the door or what?" he chuckles.

3. "Look, if you don't want to tell me, that's fine," Matthew begins. "But I'm not letting you go home looking like that."

4. "Alright, as soon as we get off this thing you and I are going to have a little chat about boundaries, sis," Matthew emphasises on the last word and I grin.

5. "Trevor, what is it about her that stands out, compared to your other past girlfriends?"

Trevor leans forward to shoot a glare at Matthew. "Thanks, Matthew for bringing that up."

"Don't mention it," Matthew grins and everyone laughs.


1. "That won't happen to you."

"I mean, if."

"Whoever wrote it will die the next day and I'll be a fugitive," Trevor doesn't even look away from the TV, a serious expression glued on his face.

2. "You're going to Columbia soon and…"

"You're going to miss me," Trevor turns to me and smirks. "I completely understand."

3. "Are you going to undress me?" he says, opening one eye with a smile.

stifles a squeal but it comes out anyway.

"Am I on speaker?" Trevor asks.

5. "How am I supposed to say something when you always act like you don't want to hear it?"

6. "I have girls chasing me around and the one girl I care about isn't talking to me. Now that's punishment."

7. "Names and labels will be pointed out, paparazzis will hunt you down until they get more answers. In short, you'll be in big trouble, Princess," Uncle Ben says as he packs up his things.

"And we both know I'm never letting trouble touch her. Or even be in the same room with her."

8. "She is my adopted sister," Trevor smiles to me. "And I'm in love with her."

9. "So… my dear Ever," he chuckles. "Will you please…marry me?"


1. "Your eyelashes fascinate me."

2. "Uhh… Earth to Layla and Lindsay, this is my brother, we're taking about. Eww," I shudder.

3. "You do know we could've died, right?" he says seriously.

"But we didn't," I gain the courage to smile at him sheepishly.

4. "Hey, Matt," I call out before it closes completely. "Get your unicorn back."

5. "The time he shot murderous looks at my date with a creepy song, how could I forget?"

6. "It's a little hard to say 'it's okay' to someone who lied to me for 13 years."

7. "Even when I know we're not bound by blood, I just can't see them any less than my parents."

8. "I wonder what our kids will look like."

I clear my throat and jam another spoonful of vanilla into my mouth. "Well, they'd probably have grey eyes."

9. I sob and laugh at the same time. "What do you think?"

YAY! I spent 6 hours on this final words, just to make sure it ended the story on a good note. Tell me what you think on what I should write, or anything for that matter. Through comments or PMs. That's all from me and thank you again for reading Out of the Blue. I'll see you guys soon :')