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Okay quick explanation to the context and such...
First, this is Luna's Point of view.

Luna is a vampire, Ash is a Archangel. They aren't suppose to be together but love is crazy. Whatcha gonna do about it though?

I had everything I would need. It was all in my rugstack. Now, a place to put it while I was gone, a place no one else would come across it.

The kitchen.

Everyone would eats would now be fast asleep by now. I opened the door and placed it on the ground. I heard floorboard creaked as someone followed me. "I know you're there," I said. "Knew I wouldn't last long as a spy" the person said.

"Ash?" I gasped, shocked. "The one and only. Now what's up with the bag?" He smiled as he stepped out from the darkness. "Why should I tell you?" I said as I walked past him. I was too busy for this now. "I know your secret. You're a vampire." I stopped and turned, hand on the doorknob. "And that you know I'm an archangel"

"And what's this got to do with my bag?" I questioned him. "One is not suppose to fall for the other," He looked at me and smiled, "I know how you long for me" "What! That is-" I exclaimed before being interupted "And I know that you long for this..."

I was about to asked what he meant by 'this' when he came closer and kissed me.

Wow. He actually kissed me!

Those brief moments our lips touched felt like forever.

He pulled away and I had forgotten all train of thought.

"I've been longing for it too" he said softly. "Really?" I whispered, pleasantly dazed and bemused. "Of course I have"

He stared into my eyes. I stared back. Endless oceans of Emerald.

"Now, about the bag...?" "You are so determinated to find out" "Why yes, yes I am" he laughed "I'm intrigued about you"

I chuckled "Well good luck with that. And the bag, it's my stuff I need to take to the Isle of Shadows" "Isle of Shadows, are you mad? Or is that after you've been kissed?" "I don't know yet but I am kind of mad to be going this thing alone" I mumbled "Then let me come with you..." Ash said soothingly easing my protests.

Our eyes met and lips find each other again once more.