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This was a little practice extract I did to help me try and engage with a new character and develop a new idea that has been brewing for awhile. There isn't much of a context to give without risking both confusion and spoilers but, honestly, I am sure it's not all that necessary anyways. Go with the flow. Enjoy!
PS. Doreinas are like vampires that drink life force rather than blood, just for the record.

The night seemed incredibly long when you were alone with your own thoughts and Yue was actually surprised how many thoughts she could honestly have to think about before she had managed to exhausted herself out. That said, she had to make up for lost time some way or another. The only time she stopped these days was when she tried to get her head down and rest for a few hours before setting off again; running, hiding, surviving.

There was just too much though. Three years. Three years of her formative years were all racing to catch up with her, it was draining as a pack of Doreinas sapping away every last essence of her very life. Not that Yue knew that precise feeling but surely it couldn't be much off given her vague experiences in the past.

She stared into the gloom of the room she was staying in. Nothing much, a bed, a table by the bedside, a window. It wasn't the things in the room that made it feel empty, she'd certainly spent a night in places that made this room look luxurious, but it was the lack of company that made the place feel truly bare. Yue wrapped her arms across her body, hoping it would ease the ache in her chest but still it pained like a gaping hole. She was fortunate to never have been alone before, and now she was, she loathed every moment of it.

But what could she really do? Nothing was the final conclusion she made yesterday but still her mind lingered on possibilities and 'what if's. But at the end of the day, she couldn't change what she was and that was the catalyst of all her problems, so she just had to deal with the new path she had to walk. Even if it meant having to get used to walking it on her own.

The single good thing about being alone was that she only had only herself to look out for, which sounded rather selfish, but with a future so fraught with danger ahead it was a slight relief that maybe her companions could be spared from the worst of it without her around. Especially given what she had to do next.

She had to find out the extend of what had happened within the council in her absence; the only way that this could be done was to pay the enemy base a little visit. Her memories of Solomon House had, at first, been dark and blurred, like trying to watch it all from the bottom of a dirty puddle but they slowly cleared up as she remembered more and more. It was a large manor house which was warm and light inside to match the ambiance. Maybe back then it was like that, before the revolt happened and peace was still present or maybe it was just the outlook of a optimistic child brightened it all up; either way, she highly doubted that it would be exactly same in all this time.

Her return would need to be planned very thoughtfully and carefully if it had any hope of succeeding. The very thought of this project was enough to make a smile spread across her face which lingered even after as she had shut her eyes.