This unfinished poem was written for school, but I ended up not turning it in. The prompt was to write a poem about Spring. Nothing more specific than that. This winter, there were two big trees cut down around my house. I had been feeling depressed about the treelessness of the world when spring came. Suddenly, with all the green spreading everywhere, there seemed to be tons of trees.

In my poem, I wanted to portray the awe I felt at this pleasant surprise. However... in my first couple drafts, I started the poem trying to explain the emptiness that I had been feeling. This didn't really work out - I could never smoothly transition from the gloomy empty part to the happy green part. So I just split the poems.

This is the depressing draft. I'll post the happy Spring one separately.

It's been a very long


not as cold as the year before

but long

not letting go of you

fighting April


and all the while you know that the earth is warming


and you hate to hate the cold

because winter is a dying breath

you lost two big trees

one in back, one in front

a poplar and an oak

they gave you shade and beauty and green and

a place to hide

you gave them saws

now your yard is a desert and your house

is covered in yellow saw dust

dry and dusty

and piles of mulch lie in emotionless heaps

and you have killed the trees and the trees are dead and the earth is


you walk in the cold

seeing trees in the yards of other people

you feel resentment

they have kept their trees when you cannot

but now you know


the trees will rot and the people will

kill them

like you

like all the people

tree killers

the trees will go extinct and the trees will die and the earth will die too

So there you go. It doesn't really have an ending - at that point in my draft writing I just gave up and started straight from the happy angle. Maybe I'll try to wrap it up some other time... Happy poem to follow!