Something seen often

Tasted often

And spewed everyday

Drafted to defend this land

To fight against another

As "innocent" as ours

Hand in hand

We are all brothers

Do no skewer this hope

To rebuild this peace we all desperately need

With gun in hands and ashes in pocket

Lives shall be taken by man's own doing

Corpses fall to the grass

Turning green to red

With never ending blood shed

Eyes pulled from sockets

And limbs torn off

Limping away

If you are lucky

Most do not make it out

Can't even be sent "home"

Because their body is scattered all across the field

We shed this blood on innocent land

Turning pure hands

Into devilish bands

There is no grinning in war

Because we will always fall up short

So why even bother

With this useless fighting

Just to kill one another

And bid dreadful tidings