Pull your knees up to your chin,
maybe then he won't begin,
wrap your arms around them tight,
maybe he won't come tonight.

You know it's your fault cos you were bad
and when you're naughty he gets mad.
He doesn't enjoy it but it must be done
he has to discipline his wayward son.

Your mum doesn't know what he does at nights
she thinks that your bruises come from school fights.
If you tell her then he'll beat her as well:
better to tell her you're clumsy, you fell.

He says don't tell anyone what he's done,
it's a secret that each father shares with his son.
Don't tell friend's or teachers, they will not care:
They know all about it, happens evrywhere.

Lie down flat upon your bed.
Close your eyes, pretend you're dead.
Maybe tonight he will just let you be.
Maybe tonight there'll be truth in "maybe".


a/n, another weird one I thought up, could as easily apply to a daughter
as a son, son just fitted in better. Nothing I've experienced personally
but friends have.