Author's Notes :D

Ooo yes. I'm back baby! (Ok…) So yeah I thought of a plot that can be stopped at any part I want, well perhaps. So I thought it was worth a try. I was slacking in class when I thought of this. Well not gonna beat around the bush or anything like that~

Important Note: Even though the title reads "Laughing Windows" the story has nothing to do with windows, lunatics, hallucinating and potatoes. Ok maybe lunatics and hallucinating. But it doesn't revolve around them although they may be mentioned.

All hail the great and powerful genre named "comedy"!

"So here's the deal, Kazuki..."

The dim light flickered as the man said, stroking an invisible mustache.

"You should know… Such a job risks your life…"

He continued in a stern voice.

It sent a chill down my back, like a brain freeze, except that it happened in the spine.

"Yes, I understand."

I replied, sternly as well, to continue the tense atmosphere.

"And your pay is $2500 a month."

I slammed the table and stood up.

"WHAT?! Even though I'm working 24/7?"

"I AM providing a free apartment for you, and it is not necessary for you to work everyday, only when needed,"

He calmly replied. I narrowed my eyebrows, and eyes.

"Oh! You must think it is unfair of us to pay you SOOOOO MUCHHH! Do you want a lower pay? If it makes you feel better, we'll do it!"

He asked sarcastically, I could tell.

I looked back to find an escape route.

No windows.

And the door was shut with about 10 different locks.

Even if I had passed the door, I still had to get through a bunch of athletic people.

I fell for the trap.

Curse that job advertising newspaper!

I sat back down, and signed the contract.

At that moment…

I felt an evil intention behind the man's smile…





So I started work the next day, because they were in desperate need for workers.

I was going to be a detective.

It was my dream since young.

But they "placed me under a senior".

I'll take it that I'm his assistant for now.

I settled at my desk, which was at the bact.

Then I saw this elderly man from one of the front few desks walking towards me.



I started browsing the internet, since I had nothing assigned to me.

After a good 1 hour, 32 minutes and 28 seconds, the same old man greeted me.

He claimed to be in charge of me, dropped a stack of papers, and left.


Paperwork, the mortal enemy to all office workers.

But wait!

Under an old man?

Doesn't that mean no field work?

I knew at this moment…

I needed to do something…

To change my fate…

To change the future...

Author's Notes :D

Meh. That was fun. But it has only started… MWAHHAHAHAHHAA