It scares me away

It shouts in my dreams

This demon, this angel

This 'person' they see

It calls out to be heard

It has the power to damn you

Yet the mercy to save you

My thoughts are conflicted

It keeps them that way

My morals, their morals

I guess they are right in a way

Does that make me evil?

To not agree with what they say...

For this demon, this angel

It teaches that way

To agree or disagree

Pick one and go on

Your decision will face you again

When it's your time to fly to the sun

Don't fret child

If you listen you will be fine

Just silence your thoughts

Replace them with mine

Think like me

You will be okay

It choked me

It suffocates me

It beats me to the ground

It's 'love' burns like the fire of sin

Sin, the word hurts my heart

What is sin?

Where does it start?