This is the second instalment in this series. The first one is called 'The Legend of a Fighter' if you want to read it, but you do get a sort of explanation at the start of this one.

Hey there! If you haven't heard from me before, my name is Mabel Archwood. If you have heard me before, my name is still Mabel Archwood. My name doesn't change depending on whom it is I'm talking to. Anyway, this is the second section, I suppose, of the story I've been telling. If you remember, I finished by telling you that Emily had left, before I was rudely interrupted. Again, even if you don't remember, that's still the last thing I told you. I saved the kitchen, by the way. We might need a new microwave, and possibly a new toilet seat but other than that no damage was done!

A quick summary for those who don't know me though: I go to a camp with a bunch of other kids. We all have some sort of magic, which comes from a place called Majikku, which is another world. I have control over air, some telepathic ability, a small amount of clairvoyance and acute senses. That was an extremely inadequate explanation, but it's about as short as I can make it.

Anyway, I will restart my tale about two months after I left off and hope that no more interruptions happen imminently.

The three of us (the three of us being me, and my cabin mates Jake and Luke) were sat in the community room of cabin six, when Luke and I both heard David's voice.

Guys, someone needs to come and get your new cabin mate.

Me and Luke spoke at the same time. "Not me."

Jake, who had been asleep on a sofa, woke with a start. "What? Not what? Who?"

We both looked at him.

"There's a new arrival. You can go and meet them." I turned away from him and continued reading.

Jake frowned. "But I went last time! It's one of your two's go."

Luke looked at him with fake pity. "I'm sorry Jake, but we've both said that we won't go. Do you really want us to argue like that? Besides, do you really think it's a good idea for them to get their first impression of camp through us? You've been here much longer."

Jake still looked doubtful, but he stood up and headed to the door. "Fine. Just don't talk about me when I'm not here." He shut the door behind him.

Luke sighed and returned his attention back to his iPad and continued to frown at it.

Suddenly, the door burst open. Jake was stood there glaring accusingly at us. "See! You were talking about me weren't you?"

He pointed at me accusingly.

"No, we weren't. Hurry up and go."

Jake left, and we were finally left in peace. The silence was broken a few seconds later, however, when we both had the same thought.

"I pity the new kid. They are going to be so confused."

It had been two months since Emily had left. Several new campers had arrived in that time, but they'd all gone to other cabins. We'd heard from Emily only a few times, but she seemed to be doing well, even if she was having difficulty explaining to her university friends why her cat followed her to all her lectures. For those of you who don't know, Emily was our old cabin mate, but she left to live with her boyfriend in the city close by the camp. As far as we knew, he was the only friend she'd told about camp and her unusual background.

It took about thirty minutes for Jake to return. The door opened, and I caught a glimpse of small, pale face, before it was closed again. I smiled, and guessed that, whoever it was, they were getting the same lecture I'd had nearly six months before. After a few moments the door opened again. In the doorway stood Jake (obviously) and a girl much shorter than him. She looked about Luke's age, and was wearing a black jacket and combat boots. Her black hat was tilted, casting a shadow across her face. Her dark blonde hair hung over her shoulders like a barrier from the outside world. She looked over at Luke, and then her eyes drifted over to me. Not literally, obviously. That would be weird.

She didn't seem surprised to see me, which was unsurprising. But she sighed, and looked like she'd been expecting me. Which was surprising because I had no idea who she was. When she spoke, her voice was cold and sad and seemed to echo around the entire room.

"I knew you'd come eventually."

Needless to say, I was very confused. I didn't know who she was, or what she was talking about, but I didn't get a chance to ask.

"I know it's my fault. I'm sorry. I should have stopped them, but...I'm really sorry."

Jake was looking between us, and he looked like his face was showing my confusion as well as his.

"What are you talking about?"

The girl whipped her head to face him, and relaxed. She smiled sadly. "Sorry. It happens sometimes. I guess that was pretty weird though. It's just...I can..." She swallowed. "I can talk to dead people."

This confused me even more. "I'm dead?"

The girl looked even more confused than me at that. "Are you not?"

"Not that we know of." Jake was looking at me accusingly, as though he actually believed I'd died, and as though he wouldn't forgive me if it was true.

We all looked at each other for a few seconds, trying to understand what the other was talking about. Realization dawned on the girl's face. She took a step towards me, a look of mixed confusion, wonder and hope reflected in her eyes. Kind of like an amazement cocktail. She took another step towards me, and another until she was stood right in front of me. She stared at me and then reached out her hand as though she was trying to check that I was actually there. But, instead, she pulled her hand back and slapped me in the face.

Needless to say, it hurt. (Wait, if it's needless to say, why did I mention it?) I looked up at her, tears of pain forming in my eyes, and saw that tears were forming in her eyes too. A few seconds later she had fallen to her knees, and was shaking with a mixture of (judging by the mental signals I was getting) relief and rage.

"All this time. All this time, you've been here? I thought that I'd killed you! That it was my fault! And you've been sitting around at this camp not even caring that I..."

She looked up and must have seen the confusion on my face.

"And now you don't even remember me! Great! Your death has haunted me for six months...and you can't even remember who I am?"

I tried to place her face (yes, I know that rhymes) but I've never been very good remembering people. So I instead decided to look into her head to find out how she knew me. I know that was kind of an invasion of privacy, but I didn't want to make her feel worse by asking who she was.

I had got a lot better at telepathy over the past two months, under Hiroki's guidance, and it was now rather easy for me to delve into someone's mind. That is, if they were unsuspecting and had no idea how to stop me. Whenever I tried to read Luke's mind, I'd find myself with a splitting headache and it would only stop when I apologized profusely and, even then, would have to suffer through his glares for the rest of the day.

The vision was in black and white and was slightly fussy as though it was trying to be forgotten. I saw everything out of the girl's eyes, and instantly I felt a strange feeling of Déjà Vu.

There clouds were grey. It was lunchtime, but I wasn't getting anything to eat. Except a fresh knuckle sandwich. I couldn't even tell what they were saying anymore. I just felt the pain. I thought I heard someone on the other side of the door, but no-one opened it. I had given up. There was nothing I could do but hang there, being supported by a thick fist in my hair. I closed her eyes in defeat. But then the door did open, and a girl was pulled through the door.

"We've got ourselves an audience!"

I tried to focus on the girl's face, but before I could figure out who it was I was thrown to the ground. I could hear people talking, laughing and shouting. I lifted my head and saw that the girl was being punched and kicked. I gasped and started to cry. This was my fault! I had to stop them.

But before I could drag myself to my feet I was picked up again. I wouldn't have been able to stand but I was being supported by the front of my shirt. I prepared myself for the worst, but just as the attacker pulled back her fist, the other girl stood up. Blood was dripping from her face. My attacker turned to glare at her, and the girl looked startled. The other girls laughed. The girl stepped back, fear spreading across her face. Blood was collecting at her feet.

'How can she do that? I'm stuck hiding behind people, and she has the courage to stand up to them. I should try being brave for once. Maybe then we can become friends.'

Suddenly it started to dawn on me who this girl was. I'd heard those words before, but never with my ears. And I started to recognize the blood-covered girl I could see before me.

I lunged forwards, hoping to catch my attacker off guards.

"Lira, no!" the girl shouted. I was thrown to the ground. I could barely move. Could barely think. But I saw a black boot appear over my face.

"Stop it."

"What you gunna do Archwood? Trying to protect this bit of trash? Then again, I suppose you'd want to help your own kind."

I heard the sound of two solid things colliding, then a scuffle. Then,

"You'll pay for that!"

I lifted up my head just in time to see a dark shape tumble over the edge of the tower wall. Somehow I managed to drag myself to my feet. I stumbled to the edge just in time to see the girl hit to ground. Her limbs were stuck out at peculiar angles, and her bloody face was lifeless.


I fell forwards to the floor. I looked up and saw the girl glaring at me through teary eyes.

"It's you. Lira Whitham."

She looked like she was about to hit me again. "It's Lisa! Honestly, you can't even remember my name right?"