More Than An Angel

Yesterday's Secrets

In my eyes, you're an angel sent from above
Who came to protect me and give all your love
To always defend me against the dead of the night
Holding me close until the morning light

Your beauty transcends that of Aphrodite
Your soft voice is synonymous with endless tranquility
The goodness of your heart is the pillar of our family
The very family that is made strong by your versatility

But of course, you're everything but perfect
And sometimes, the decisions you make aren't worth it
But in times of your weakness, confusion, and depression,
Don't forget that you have me to lift you from desolation

A deep thanks I offer you
For being there no matter what I do
For consoling me every time I'm feeling blue
And for protecting those I hold so true

A storm of problems may fall on me
But you extinguish my doubts, disperse my agony
As long as you're there, my sorrows will pass
And I will be stronger than I ever was

You are my mother and I won't let you fall
You are my mother and I will give you my all
Your love for me is greater than angel's divinity
And I will always love you til' the end of eternity

Dedicated to my mom, Maricor. :) I know that there's no sufficient amount of words that I can tell to show how much you mean to me. I try anyway ^^