Ray was in an intensely dark room. Only form of light was the moon shining through a window. Though he wasn't alone. Standing across from him, a girl who was about 4 inches shorter than him, with long brown hair looking down at the floor was Elizah.

"A-are you okay?" Ray stammered. Instantly his hand went to the back of his head. She looked up at him completely red in the face and reached out. She stroked his arm and Ray's face went cherry red as he started stammering something about apples. She stepped closer to him and closed her eye leaning up to him. Hesitantly Ray closed his eyes and leaned forward. Then he felt nothing. He opened his eyes and saw Elizah. Yet she had Dahsar's face.

Ray then woke up in a fit of a giant scream at the top of his lungs. He panted and looked around breathing extremely heavily. That had to be the single worst dream he has ever had in his entire life. No, that wasn't a dream it was a nightmare.

Dahsar appeared out of thin air and was laughing so hard he had to hold his stomach. "YOU! YOU SHOULD HAVE! YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE!" It was hard for him to speak in between the eruption of mad laughter. He was rolling on the air laughing.

Ray blinked in confusion and looked at Dahsar skeptically. Just then Ray's mother creaked the door open and peeked inside the room. "Ray-ray, are you okay? I heard you screaming." She asked full of concern. Ray breathed a bit more before replying. "Yeah. I'm fine." He stammered before looking over at Dahsar who was still laughing. "Just a bad dream, that's all."

He was starting to hate this even more. Its been a little over a week since Ray's fight with Dante, and during that timeframe Ray has yet to have the need to be cursed by Dahsar. Yet that didn't stop Dahsar from playing pranks on him constantly. He was beginning to get used to having Dahsar around but the constant and childish pranks were annoying.

"So you had a nightmare?" Trisha asked sitting on the bed. "Do you wanna talk about it?" Ray's mother is a very superstitious person. She was always the one to say never walk under a ladder, avoid black cats, and the first to believe a ghost story. Yet still Ray wanted to keep Dahsar a secret from her. She would either think he was making fun of her, or pull whatever crazy antic she could come up with and make things even worse.

Ray was used to this. He would always tell her about all of his dreams because she would always like to decipher. Just before he started he remembered what the dream was about and he started turning bright red. Dahsar pointed and laughed at Ray again. "THAT ONE! THAT'S THE FACE!" He started to laugh even harder. All Ray could stammer was. "Uhhhhhhhhhhh."

"Was it a wet dream?" She asked casually. She wasn't teasing or anything she was just simply asking a question. At the question Ray turned even redder and quickly scooted away from her. "MOOOOOOM!" He complained.

"Oh come on Ray-ray don't be shy about it, its perfectly natural for boys your age." She turned to him and crossed her legs. Dahsar was behind her and stopped laughing to take a breath. When he saw the look on Ray's face he busted out in even more laughter. "We're doing laundry today if you need to change your boxers or sheets."

Ray didn't know what was worse, his mom trying to talk to him about hormones or the idiot ghost laughing at the awkward situation. "I-I-I-I-I, don't need to change anything!" Ray exclaimed yanking the covers over to him.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Anna asked walking in. This was a problem. Ray was the only boy in the house. Which sounds awesome on paper. But living with it was messed up. "No, your brother's alright. Just going through some-" She paused to try and find the right word. "'Boy problems.'" Ray's mom replied casually as Ray's face went red once again and he started getting skittish.

"Ray-ray do you want us to leave so you can finish mastur-" Before she could finish Ray held his hand out to her. "STOP! STOP RIGHT THERE!"

"Master what?" Anna asked completely oblivious to the situation. Ray hid under the covers completely and let out a stupid whimper. Trisha sighed and patted Ray's head through the blankets. "Alright Ray-ray, I understand. Come on Anna let's finish making breakfast." She sat up and scooted Anna out of the room; Anna kept asking what exactly her brother was trying to master.

As soon as he heard the door close he poked his head out the makeshift cocoon and stared blankly at the imp looking ghost who was catching its breath. "Wanna explain what that was all about?" He asked annoyed, knowing darn well Dahsar had something to do with it.

Dahsar rubbed his eye and chuckled a bit. He had to catch his breath first. "Your mother is a riot. I had nothing to do with that, that was all her." He said in between breaths. His voice sounding like it was going through a filter. He looked back up at Ray only to see he was still not amused. "Oh right, right. You must mean the dream thing. You see, us Haunters have the ability to enter the dreams of their Possessed. It is usually made for lucid dreaming or spiritual guidance. But in my case we can also use it to completely screw with people!" He then fell into a fit of snickers.

Ray's face was red about as he snapped at the Ghost. "That's not even funny! What a man dreams about is his business! That's privacy ya pervert!" Dahsar forced his snickering to stop so he could respond. "I'm the pervert? Says the one who was having a dream about you and that girl alone in a dark room!" Then more laughter.

Ray's face just couldn't get a break today. It was still red. "I can't control what I dream about! " He went back under the covers as if that would protect him. "Stay out of my head you perv!"

Dahsar went back to laughter. "Come on! I can help you out. I can alter your dreams for you any way you want huh?" Dahsar offered and Ray stuck his head back out of the covers and glared at Dahsar for a moment before getting out of the bed and throwing real clothes on. "So, do you want to dream about it more often or not?" Dahsar offered poking Ray in the head. Ray raised his hand to strike Dahsar but his hand went right through him.

Right, he can do that. He can solidify and dematerialize his body at will. Which is how can interact with physical objects yet phase through walls. It's also how he can turn invisible, even to Ray and Andy. The only ones who can see him regularly.

"Just shut up and leave me alone!" Ray demanded trying to keep his voice down so his mom and sister wont hear him talking to the ghost they couldn't see. "It's Saturday and Andy and I are going to the mall. Anna's birthday is next month and I want to get her something early so I don't have to worry about it later."

"If you're lucky Elizah will come too." Dahsar teased at him. Ray grumbled something and left the room without a response. Partially because he was getting tired of being teased about it. He was also embarrassed that Dahsar had practically read his mind.

Ray trudged down the stairs with his hands shoved in his pockets. Dahsar floated besides him wondering what he was going to do next. Ray had no intention of stopping for breakfast. He planned on getting something from Andy's place, since he was going to stop there anyway, but as soon as his foot touched the floor on the final step his mom called him. "Ray-ray come on and eat!" . . . Damn.

"I'm not hungry!" He called back to her. He knew there was a problem. He had to pass the kitchen in order to get to the door. He made a speed walk to the door and his mom stopped him as soon as his hand touched the doorknob. "Come on and eat anyway. No rush right?"

Ray sighed and his shoulders dropped. He knew there was no point in arguing. He walked into the kitchen and looked at the plate of food on the table that was obviously for him. "Come on and eat before it gets cold." Trish said patting the area by the plate. Ray groaned and sat down, picking up his fork. Before he could start eating, Anna asked the single most uncomfortable question she could ask him.

"Ray, what's masturbating?"

Ray froze in the middle of putting the food in his mouth and dropped his fork. His face went completely pale and it felt like everything around him just went black. "I asked mom but she wont tell me!" Anna pouted at her mother and Trisha just went back to her coffee. "I'll tell you when your older Anna."

Anna got from her seat and started walking into the other room. "I can just look it up in the internet." Trisha seemed un-phased by this but Ray on the other hand had so many thoughts running through his head what the internet would do to his innocent little sister. The sheer shock of the thought made him fall backwards in his chair. He turned on his stomach and reached out in Anna's direction. "PLEASE! DON'T DO THAT!" He pleaded.

"Why not?" Anna asked turning to him. She was confused. What was so bad about it? "Pleaaaaaase." Ray begged with his face buried in the floor. "Just don't. Just trust me on this." Trisha finished her coffee and went to the sink to rinse out the mug. "Anna, baby, when your older you'll understand. Ray-ray is just being a defensive big brother that's all."

"Alright." Anna groaned and sighed before going back to her meal. Ray picked himself up off the floor and set the chair back up. That was enough shenanigans for one morning. "I'm going out." He said with a groan and went for the door.

"Make sure you text me!" Trisha called out as Ray left the door. Then she looked at the untouched food and back up at Ray. "Wait you didn't finish you-" Too late he was already out the door. She sighed and decided he could just eat it later.

Ray trudged to Andy's house with his hands in his pockets. Though it wasn't long of a walk, they didn't live far from each other. Surprisingly, he didn't hear a word from Dahsar. In fact Dahsar was nowhere to be seen or found. Ray assumed he got bored and went to go bug someone else. It was common. Dahsar would often just disappear and come back later. He was kind of curious as to where he went.

Ray looked at himself one more time to see what he as wearing. He didn't pay any attention what so ever to what he threw on. Nothing out of the ordinary. Black jeans and a red shirt with red and black sneakers.

He walked to Andy's house and knocked on the door. He could hear the arguing and screaming already. Ray was the only guy in his house. He lived with his mom and little sister. Andy had the same problem, only times three. Andy lived with six other people in the house. All of them are his sisters. Andy would always talk about how his parents produced like rabbits.

When Ray knocked on the door it didn't take long for the door to creek open. Then there was Yalene, Andy's youngest sister. She was only 14 and in the eighth grade. She was 5" 2, a head shorter than Ray so she had to look up at him showing off the emerald green eyes. She moved her black hair out of her face and smiled at Ray. "Hello Raymond." She said in an eerie voice. Yalene was always kind of a strange one. Her skin was very pale and she was always wearing nothing but black. She even dyed her hair black to add onto it. Though the strange thing about her clothing was that she was wearing nothing but black undies.

"Hey Yalene." Ray replied smiling at her. "I sensed your presence approaching this residence. Your aura is very unique Raymond Kernel." She spoke in the same eerie voice as she continued to smile at him. Yalene was always a big fan of the paranormal. She would flip if she ever met Dahsar. She would always go on about 'auras' and 'spirits'.

Before Ray could say anything else she held a finger to his lips and shushed him. "Shhhhh. Do not speak." She then closed her eyes and started moving her hands around as if conjuring a spell. "I predict you are here fro my brother Andrew, correct?" Ray blinked a few times. "Umm. Yeah." He didn't know what it was but something about Yalene always made him nervous. Then again after hanging out with Dahsar, nothing should creep him out anymore.

"I sense distress in my brother's spirit. He is currently going through a great struggle." She began to have random urgency in her voice. Ray thought his mom was superstitious. Yalene went over the top with it. From what she was talking about Ray could only assume Andy was grappling with his other sisters.

"Yalene!? Who's at the door!?" A soft voce asked from across the house and immediately Ray's chest melted. Elizah went to the front door and met with her sister before smiling warmly at Ray. "Morning Ray. You looking for Andy?"

Ray shoved his hands in his pockets and his face turned cherry red. He tried his best not to stare but being in her underwear made it difficult. Ray embarrassingly stammered something about Andy and Elizah giggled at Ray's clumsiness. She never thought much of it, she just thought he was shy. "Andy is wrestling with Iris and Olivia." She said smiling sweetly at him. Ray's heart skipped a beat. "You can come in if you want." She offered motioning inside.

Ray's eyes were looking at her face. Then they started slowly shifting down. Finally they darted to the ground and mumbled something about going inside.

"I sense it is not the house Raymond wishes to enter." Yalene said with a smirk. "This man's blood is boiling. I am sensing a major build up of constriction coming from the boy. He in subconsciously preparing what the spirits refers to as a Birth Cannon."

Ray and Elizah were both confused. "Yalene what are you talking about. Ray isn't holding a cannon." Yalene put her hands together and closed her eyes as if praying. "No, not a canon but he possesses a weapon all men have. Some refer to it as a canon for it fires many different beams. Others call it a spear for it has much potential to penetrate." Ray and Elizah still had no idea what they the middle school girl was going on about. "So I ask this Raymond. Which is it that you wish to enter with your weapon? If you wish you can allow it to enter my body and we may become one physically and spiritually."

Ray's face was still red and his eyes were darting back and fourth between Elizah and Yalene. "Uhh. I think I'll go inside the house."

Ray rushed into the house to embarrassed and nervous to say anything. He quickly tripped over something in the living room. When he looked back to see what he fell over he saw Andy being pinned down by two girls twice his size.

"GET OFFA ME!" Andy cried out, one girl having him in a crucifix and the other in a double leg lock. "THIS IS UNFAIR IT'S TWO AGAINST ONE!"

"Fine then let Ray join! "The one who had Andy's legs said and next thing he knew Ray was in a full nelson.

"UNCLE UNCLE! TAP OUT TAP OUT!" Ray screamed out as soon as he got in the hold. He knew these two were stronger than him and much better at grappling. Andy and Ray could fight hand to hand but when it came to grappling and wrestling they were terrible. Unlike the terror twins over here.

The four of them got to their respective feet Andy aching all over and Ray rubbing his shoulders. The two burly girls smiled at the boys.

These two were twins just like Andy and Elizah, only they weren't fraternal. They looked exactly alike. They were also a year older then Andy and Elizah, being seniors in high school. They were at a staggering 6" 2 with the same emerald green eyes and brown hair as everyone else in the family. Iris' hair was tied to the right and Olivia's was tied to the left. It was the only way to tell which was which. They gave off a really strong lesbian vibe and Ray for the longest time has been under the suspicion of them having a twincest relationship, though he never spoke about it. Of course Andy did though.

Before Andy could make some snappy remark Ray clamped his hand on his mouth. "Come on Andy. Lets grab something to eat and go alright?"

Of course Andy didn't care. He removed the hand from his face and glared at the twins. "Next time you wanna wrestle someone do it with your own sexuality. At least that way it can turn into the all out sex match you want it to be."

Olivia smirked and grabbed Andy by his undershirt before yanking him over to her and putting him in a headlock. "You're just made because we were busting on your balls!"

Andy struggled against the arm across his windpipe with no luck. "Your just mad because I HAVE balls!" Olivia replied by squeezing harder.

Ray started panicking but tried not to show it. He was learning how to hide pressure with Dahsar being around. Who of which was still nowhere to be found. "Hey, uh come on guys. Lets just let Andy go and we an be on our way right?" Ray would never admit to it out loud but the two dykes scared him to no end.

Next thing he knew Iris had him in the same headlock. "So Andy what's so bad about being gay huh?" Ray gulped. He knew where she was going with this.

"With you guys it isn't gay, I think fucking your twin is borderline masturbation." Andy chimed in.

"Nothing wrong with being gay brother. Try it and you might like it!" Iris and Olivia shoved Ray's and Andy's heads together. Ray shut his eyes tight and tried to resist but the dyke twins were too strong. Ray felt his face slam into something squishy. He opened his eyes and noticed his face was in Olivia's chest and Andy had ducked out of the way. "SORRY!" Ray apologized and pushed the girl away from him, in the process he accidentally grabbed her ches.t He apologized again and his arms shot back elbowing Iris. He apologized a third time and quickly backed away from the two very angry looking butches.

Ray gulped as he backed away. Andy was right by him scratching his chin. "Wow. You pissed them off."

One threw Andy to the side and the other pinned Ray to the ground. Wow this morning was starting to suck. Ray slipped out of the hold and did a shoulder roll to the other side of the room. He put up his hands in defense and swore up and down he didn't mean it. Eventually Andy jumped in telling them to lay off, and eventually they did. Andy sighed in annoyance but Ray was white as sheet.

"Your joking right? You can take on a grown ass man twice your size. But when a couple of chicks look at you funny you're practically pissing yourself." Andy scolded. Ray looked at him sternly. "I had a reason to fight those guys!"

"Yeah you had a reason to fight those two too. Not get your ass kicked."

Again arms were wrapped around Ray's neck putting him in a sleeper hold. "How's my favorite caramel?"

Andy's second oldest sister, Palena Law. She was 19 and just graduated high school last year. Being a much taller then Ray her chest was pressed against the back of his head. Ray's face started to turn red. Partly from getting choked partly from breasts the size of his head pressing against his head.

"Alright Palena let him breath." Andy said casually. This was also a usual thing. "Alright if you insist." She said letting Ray go. He gasped for air and his face started returning to normal, but only briefly. Palena turned the boy around and hugged him tight with his face in her chest making his face get even redder.

Andy sighed and flopped on the couch. "Palie you're a pedo." Palena replied by laughing and rubbed Ray's head. "I'm just trying to see how far I can get him out! Besides its like he's objecting!" That was a strange hobby of Palena's. She always liked to tease and screw with boys just to mess with them. Ray was her favorite because of how shy he was. Just the mention of boobs and his face went as red as a tomato. It didn't help that everyone in the Law household walked around their house practically naked. Literally everyone was in his or her underwear. Going into a house full of half naked women would be paradise for most guys. Ray on the other hands was too shy.

Andy sighed again and got to his feet before tapping Palena on the shoulder. "Alright titan tis, let him go before all the blood in his body goes straight to his junk, and he dies of lack of blood to the brain." Andy said with a complete neutral face and calm tone.

Palena finally let Ray go, whose face was crimson. He was still holding his breath and he had stepped back pursing his lips together extremely tight.

"Look what you did." Andy said shaking his head at Palena. "You made him clam up again. Now it's going to take forever to get out of his little turtle shell."

Palena laughed more pointing right below Ray's waist. "I got his turtle out of its shell alright!" Ray looked down and made a weird squeamish noise while his hands instantly jolted to cover his crotch.

Andy groaned and face palmed while Ray stood there feeling awkward. "Come on Ray! I don't know why you hide it!" She quickly walked over by Ray wrapped one arm around his shoulders and her free hand grabbed his crotch. "With a bottom rack like this you can please any chick you want!"

Ray's entire body was an extremely dark red. Andy separated his sister from Ray and shooed her off so he could breath. "I'm just sayin! Ray DEFINTLY proves he is black!" She screamed out and laughed as she walked down the hall.

Andy looked over at Ray who was brick red and clamped up so tight he couldn't breathe. "Come on Ray." Andy said poking him. "Breathe." He then grabbed Ray by the cheeks and started pulling. "Breathe." Then he went to shaking him. "Breaaaaaaaaathe!" Ray still refused to breathe. "BREATHE DAMMIT!" Andy then took his hand across Ray's face multiple times. His skin went back to normal as he let out a huge breath but his cheeks were still bright red from getting slapped all the time.

"Hey Ray are you alright!?" Elizah cried out running into the room. Ray went back to clamming up and Andy face palmed and seethed.

"Ray are you okay?" Elizah asked getting her face really close to his. "Why is your face so red? Andy were you hitting Ray?" She accused, glaring at her brother sternly. "Yes. Yes I was." Andy groaned still pinching the bridge of his nose.

She pouted at him and turned to Ray, rubbing his face. A squeamish noise left Ray's throat as he refused to breath.

Elizah blinked and put her hand on his forehead. "You're really warm. Are you getting sick?"

Ray gulped hard and clammed up again. He blinked a few times. He wanted to talk but no words came out. Andy groaned and started dragging Ray away.

Andy dragged Ray into his room before propping him up. He looked at the stiff boy up and down before slapping him hard across the face. "BREATHE BITCH!"

"OW! THAT STINGS!" Ray cried out rubbing his cheek. "Good, now you aren't a living brick." Andy replied, crossing his arms. "Now if your done being Woody Mcbonermire, I would like to get this over with!"

Ray's face went red at the nickname and Andy replied by raising his hand as if getting ready to backhand him. "Don't make me slap you again Oreo!"

"You know it's hard to take you seriously when your in your underwear." Ray stated with a blank face looking Andy up and down.

"Cookies n' cream, I didn't ask you a GODDAMN thing!"

"Can we stop with the racial slur?"

"Fine. Are you done having a panic attack!?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm good." Ray said with a sigh. He hated going to Andy's house. Every time he went it was a bunch of half naked chicks. Most guys would be ecstatic about this but Ray nearly had a panic attack every time. He has never left Andy's house without a boner.

Ray's stomach started growling and so did Andy's. "Alright. We grab something to eat, I throw some clothes on, and then we leave. All in that order."

Ray couldn't comprehend why EVERYONE in the Law house walked around in nothing but their underwear when at home. He understands that its their home and they can do what they want but really! Don't they ever get cold?

Andy started planning in his head. Getting Ray out of here without turning into a brick again was like a small war. He could just keep him in his room until he got back with the food. Although if he left him alone that would leave ample time for Elizah to be the goody two shoes she is and check on Ray after getting slapped so many times. And Palena can easily waltz in there and pull her usual crap. The most dangerous was Iris and Olivia, who were probably waiting to jump Ray for the accidental stunt he pulled. Damn, this would be a lot easier if Ray had a backbone.

"Screw it, come on. We're leaving now. " Andy said as he started putting clothes on. "We can get something while we're there." Andy put his head through the hole of the shirt and was fully dressed. He sat on the bed and started tying his shoes when he spoke to Ray. "You figure out what you wanted to give her yet?"

"Nope." Ray replied blissfully. "I'm going to see what is there and go from there."

Andy sighed as he sat up. Ray never had a plan. He always did everything without thinking about it first. He always 'winged it'. "Alright let's get out of here before you have another panic attack." Ray replied by grumbling at him but didn't say anything. He just nodded and the two made a dash to the door and outside the house before going down the street.

"Hey Andy." Ray asked as the duo walked down the sidewalk on their way to the bus stop. "When I first got to your house. Your sister. The youngest one." "Yalene?" Andy asked counting his money and doing the math in his head making sure he had enough and what he would have left over.

"Yeah. When I wanted to enter the house she said something about me entering her . . . did she. . . ? "

Before Ray could ask, without looking up from the calculator on his phone he replied with "Yes she was asking you fuck her." He said in a completely calm tone and straight faced.

Ray made a strange face of confusion. "What?" Andy asked still doing math on his phone. "Your acting like it wasn't obvious that what she was asking."

"Dude. She's like . . . 12."

"14 actually. Remember she's in the 8th grade. Only two years younger than you. Technically one. You know if Elizah doesn't work out Yalene is more than willing." Andy spoke with complete monotone and his face was deadpan. He was completely unaffected by his own words.

Ray tried to say something but he felt a tapping on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Dahsar. Dressed in a trench coat and shades instead of the usual tuxedo he was wearing most of the time. "Pssssst. Kid. Come with me."

Ray looked back and forth between Dahsar and Andy who was still walking. He was reluctant but he followed Dahsar. Though he was quickly losing him.

"Come on kid put some pep in your step!" Dahsar chanted his voice echoing through Ray's ears. "Easy for you to say!" Ray shouted back. "You can phase through people I have to go around them!"

For nearly ten minutes Ray was walking around people and apologizing up and down whenever he bumped into someone. When he knocked someone's things out of their hands he picked it all up and gave it back with a smile on his face. He even knocked a little girl's ice cream cone to the ground, and bought her another one twice as big. The girl was happy but the parents looked at Ray sternly for giving their daughter so much sugar. When Dahsar crossed the street Ray had to wait for the light to go off. Ray was half way across the street when he went back for a little boy who was barefoot, and his grandfather who was holding several bags. He picked up the heavy bags and the small boy and carried them all across the street to the other side, again with a smile on his face.

"Thank you young man." The elder said smiling taking the bags back from Ray. "No problem." Ray replied with a smile. He then told them to wait there. Ten minutes later he came back with brand new sandals for the small boy. Cost him about 15 bucks. When the man asked how he could repay him Ray said there was no need.

Dahsar rolled his eyes at the strong of 'good deeds'. "Come on Raymond hurry up!" He snapped. Ray turned to him crossing his arms. "Come on Dahsar don't be such a sour puss, your worse then Andy. While Ray was talking to Dahsar, the old man and little boy didn't hear or see Dahsar so it seemed like he was looking up at nothing. From their perspective he was just spouting nonsense.

"Why did you want me to follow you in the first place . . . of course I do . . . yeah that's why I'm going . . . I don't know . . . I'll text him later . . . I'm not at the mall yet . . . If you weren't arguing with my this would go by faster . . . alright fine let's go."

Eventually Ray just jogged off down the sidewalk waving back at the old man and his grandfather. "Bye, have a nice day!" The old man took the shoebox from the boy and tossed it in the dumpster. "Bobby doesn't accept things from strangers. Especially crazy ones."

Ray followed Dahsar into a warehouse. Here is the thing about Ray's town. It was famous for warehouses being all over the place. Some were abandoned, and people would use them as hangouts. This one seemed to be one of those only no one was around.

"Dahsar. I should probably leave this warehouse before whoever owns it come back and-" He was interrupted by Dahsar putting his hands on his shoulders, rubbing like he was a coach. Dahsar had somehow changed into a white collard T-shirt tucked into khaki shorts with a whistle around his neck. His echoed voice had a strange jersey accent.

"Alright kid. Here it is your first fight! Listen here! You're a rookie, he's gonna look down on ya!"

Ray cut in randomly and shook Dahsar off. "WHAT!? Fight!? I don't even like fighting!" Ray started panicking again. What was this all about?

"Don't like fighting huh? Try telling him that!" He said pointing at the corridor on the other side of the warehouse. "Curse on." Dahsar said rushed and Ray felt a wave run through his body, his eyes turning from copper to crimson.

All of the sudden Ray could hear music. The music sounded like it came from the seventies. He blinked and started looking around. "What the hell is going on!?" Dahsar chuckled. This time he was garbed in a pimp style outfit with a cigar in his mouth. "Welcome to the club kid! Now get out there and make mah moneh!"

"What!?" Ray was too confused. He turned back to the corridor and saw where the music was coming from. He saw an extremely skinny boy no older than he was with a giant boom box in hand and roller blades on his feet. He rolled in at fast speeds with his hands his pockets and his head somewhat down. He would be as tall as Ray but the roller blades gave an extra inch or two.

He was wearing brown pants and a thin yet baggy black hoodie, almost like a poncho. The hood flew off and revealed dirty blonde hair. Flowing around as he rolled in. The strangest thing about this boy wasn't the fact that he was on roller skates. It wasn't the strange hoodie. It was the fact that floating right beside him, was as a 2-foot tall woman with pink disco clothing and an enormous purple Afro.

"There he is Oscar darling!" The woman with the Afro shouted. Her voice had a deep echo to it like Dahsar's. Then she said something Ray only thought Dahsar would say. "Curse! On!" She shouted out as she stopped in her tracks to make a pose and pointed at the air.

The boy, Oscar looked up his eyes sparkled a Salmon Pink. He smirked with perfectly white teeth and left the boom box on the floor before he leapt over 20ft into the air. "LET'S HAVE OURSELVES ANOTHER FABULOUS VICTORY DELILAH!" He screamed had a deep voice, but a very flamboyant accent. "FABLOUS DIVE!" The boy started going downwards with a diving kick aimed at Ray.

"FUCK! MY! LIFE!" Ray screamed out before shoulder rolling out of the way. The boy landed and rolled forward for a few inches before pivoting and launching at Ray. "Let us dance beautifully!"

"Dahsar what the hell is going on!?" Ray shouted as he scrambled to his feet looking at the red imp who was still dressed like a pimp.

"The poor boy is confused by our dazzling beauty Delilah! I'll end it quickly with a RADIANT LARIAT!" Oscar held his harm out as he shot like a cannon, rolling over to Ray at near Mach speeds. Ray leaned his body backwards and Oscar's arm flew right above him. He continued sailing and his arm punched through a metal beam like it was nothing.

"What the hell!?" Ray screamed again and Dahsar floated right beside him. "I told ya. It's a fight, curse battles. Two humans who are cursed use their powers to fight each other, come on kid I thought you were smart. Ray looked at Dahsar like he was crazy. " . . . . . . . WHAT!?"

Oscar turned around and rolled his arm. He made a strange humming noise in his throat before speaking. "Oh my. Delilah this boy must have good reflexes. Not many can dodge an attack as radiant as that."

"Dahsar darling, did you not explain the rules to him?" Delilah said floating right by Dahsar. "Of course I did. I told him all about how cursing works. When us Sprites haunt a human we are allowed to Curse them. When a human is cursed their sixth sense is unlocked unhinging all of their human limitations. That when they can fight to their real full capacity being ten times stronger then normal humans." He then referred to the metal pillar that was smashed.

"Wait! You mean there are other sprites besides Dahsar!?" Ray asked in confusion. "There are other people being haunted like me!?

"DUH!" Dahsar replied. "Why do you think I keep on saying US sprites WE sprites!? You think I talk in plural for the hell of it!" Dahsar chuckled. "You REALLY thought you were the only one with a Haunter!? You thought you were that special!?"

"Come on now boy!" Oscar said as he rolled over towards Ray again, far faster then normal roller skaters. "This is how things work in the Ghost King Tourney!" He zoomed by Ray and began throwing punches and kicks constantly rolling and dancing around him making it difficult for Ray to dodge and block.

"Tourney!? What tourney!" Ray asked dodging a flurry of punches and kicks. Delilah was also dancing but she was dancing in disco style to the music from the boom box on the other side of the room. "Do you not know the whole point of haunting dear?"

Ray got out of the strange attack and made a dash for the staircase. He ran up the stairs and Oscar somehow grinded the rails one his roller blades and went up the railing. Ray had to do a double take. "THE FUCK!?"

Oscar jumped off of the railing and his feet landed on the wall. With a spin he planted his foot in Ray's face sending him sailing and crashing back onto the hard flat ground, flat on his back. When he looked up he couldn't believe his eyes. The boy with roller blades was standing on the wall perfectly fine. He didn't even have his jacket going downwards. It was as if he was standing right on the floor. Ray blinked in confusion and thought he was tripping on some second hand shrooms from one of the hobos. "The hell?"

"How am I doing Delilah!?" Oscar called out towards the human looking sprite. "Fabulous as always Oscar doll!" She replied with a thumbs up. Ray could have sworn he saw a random shine come from her.

"Your in a tournament now Raymond." Dahsar said walking on the ground over to Ray with his hands behind his back, back to his usual tuxedo and fedora. "Us Sprites have been looking for suitable humans to serve as our possessed while we let them fight for us in one big tournament to decide the next Ghost King!"

It took a bit for it to sink in. "Your telling me I'm in some kind of battle tournament now!" Ray was starting to panic again. He was borderline hyperventilating. "Why would anyone agree to that!?"

"Its simple." Oscar said calmly as he rolled in Ray's direction, still on the wall. "The human who is victorious, his or her Ghost becomes the next king of Ghosts. The human is rewarded with one, FABULOUS wish! Wish for anything you want, other than wishing for more wishes! No loopholes!"

"Okay now explain how you're doing that!" Ray said as he pointed at Oscar. "Oh this?" Oscar replied looking at himself as he was standing on the wall. "Well you see. Whenever someone is being cursed their body loses all of its' limits, as you already know, making that person borderline superhuman. The REAL beauty of being cursed is the sixth sense. The sixth sense is the main part of the body that is unlocked with a curse, and people who are able to use their sixth sense are able to be granted a FABULOUS power!"

He then started rolling around the wall as if it were the floor. "My ability when cursed is the power of levitation. I can alter the area around my body to where no matter where I go, it is downwards and my movement is never hindered. In other words, I defy gravity."

"That is so cool!" Ray said getting to his feet, his eyes almost shining. "Quick! Dahsar what can I do!?" Dahsar shrugged and rubbed his chin. "Hell if I know."

Something inside of Ray broke. "Everyone's power is different darling!" Delilah said.

"You better learn fast! Because break time is over!" Oscar told him as he rolled down the wall and after Ray. "Wait! Let's talk this out!" Ray pleaded backing up from Oscar. "Did we not talk enough!?" Oscar asked throwing punches and kicks at Ray. Due to that ability of his, he was amazingly acrobatic and was able to attack Ray from all angles.

"Come on Raymond! You were doing just fine against those other thugs when you were cursed!" Ray barely dodged an airborne punch to the face. "Dante wasn't able to defy gravity now was he!?"

Oscar planted his feet on the ground and threw a knee at Ray's stomach. Ray grabbed it and leered at Oscar. "I've had about enough of this!" He growled.

Oscar rolled backwards and put his hands in his pockets. "You and me both. Delilah you didn't tell me my opponent was so green! There is no beauty in a lion attacking a mouse!"

Ray blinked a few times at the comparison. Was he calling him a mouse?

"I agree Dahsar you really should have told the boy more." She then shrugged her shoulders and looked at Oscar. "Oscar darling it is almost time for lunch. We should finish this now! You know as well as I do, when you get hungry you become SUCH a diva!"

"Thank you for reminding me Delilah." Oscar said rolling up his sleeves. "Okay then. I'll end this FABULOUSLY! His pink eyes started to have a slight glow to them as a menacing smile crept to his face. "Finishing move."

Oscar held his arms out and whipped them around making his entire body spin. He stood up straight and held his arms close to his body as he pressed his legs together and he began to spin.

"Superfantasticultraamazingextremlyradiantmarevlou slybeautifulawomslyglorious-" Oscar continued to speak extremely fast with all of his words slurring together as he spun faster and faster to where he was starting to make a small wind current.

"Hey Raymond. You . . . You wanna . . . You wanna do something about that?" Dahsar asked. Ray just stood there watching in awe of how fast Oscar was going. "I . . . actually want to see what he's going to do. Dahsar got a face that said 'are you serious?'. "You know. Its called a FINISHING move for a reason."

"And I want to see what it does." Ray argued back. The two continued back and forth while Oscar continued to spin faster and faster until finally he smiled with his perfectly white teeth had a quick gleam shine off of then. "FABULOUSE WHIRLWIND!"

Ray looked back at Oscar who, while still spinning, did a complete 180 and started spinning on his hands with his legs spread out in a perfect split. An invisible force exploded from Oscar's body and lifted Ray off of his feat. "WOOOOAAAAAHHH!"

Oscar continued spinning while he switched to his back to his feet still spinning just as fast and the invisible force made a reversal as everything that wasn't nailed down, including Ray, was pulled into Oscar's invisible vortex.

Oscar spun at what seemed like 25000 RPM with Ray and other random object flying around him. Oscar whipped his arms out to punch whatever was around him, his arms moving so fast they were barely visible. Loud smacking noises were heard all across the warehouse proving the hits were making contact.

It seemed like forever but after about half a minute Ray was spit out of the vortex and slammed flat on his back with a thud. His limp body was sprawled across the cracked, hard floor. He groaned and his body twitches with a trickle of blood running from his mouth. How did he end up in the situation again? He was too dizzy to think. "I." He coughed a bit, some blood getting on his shirt. "I yield."

Oscar slowly came to a stop with his spinning and ended with a pose as if doing a fancy bow. His hood feel back over his head covering his face, the whirlwind stopped letting all of the random object fall around him.

"That's another victory for us Delilah. Come on let's go to mickey D's. I'm in the mood for one of their chicken wraps!"

"You got it!" Delilah had another thumbs up and once again a random shine came from her. She then turned towards Dahsar. "Dahsar hun, you might want to teach that boy. It's only a little over a month before the deadline. Preliminaries are almost over you know."

"Wow, it's been a decade already?" Dahsar asked scratching his head. "Wow mortal time is so fast."

Oscar ignored the conversation between the two ghosts and rolled over to Ray, who was still on the ground, dizzy and dazed. "Buy yourself something too while your at it." He then dropped a roll of cash on Ray's chest. "Maybe a smoothie to get your strength back up. Or perhaps a fabulous peanut butter covered apple!" Oscar then hugged himself and turned around. The thought of these different foods swooned him. "Oh enough of me rambling on! Its your body you put in whatever you want to put in it! Time for me to make my fabulous leave!"

Oscar rolled away with a strange dancing motion with his legs. Almost like he was jerking. Both ghosts in union said: "Curse off." Ray and Oscar both felt waves leave their bodies as their eyes returned to normal. Ray's being a copper brown and Oscar's unseen due to the hood still covering his face.

Dahsar poked Ray and teased him about losing his first fight while Delilah followed Oscar. Oscar rolled right outside the Warehouse and waited until he closed the big heavy door before he could lean against the wall and pant.

"Oscar are you alright!? You barely took any damage at all! Why are so ailed?" Delilah asked full of concern.

Oscar smirked under his hoodie and pulled down the hood. "You of all people should know beauty is only skin deep." Oscar removed the hoodie complexly showing off his entire upper body. He had deep bruises all across his body and a very noticeable bruise on his cheek.. "We underestimated the boy. He is more fabulous then we thought."

Delilah gasped at the amount of damage he had taken. "When on earth did that happen!? The boy never even touched you!" Oscar chuckled as he began putting the hoodie back on. "That's where you're wrong. He was able to keep up with me during my fabulous whirlwind. Although he took far more damage then I did he still managed to get several hits in. He really does have great reflexes. If we weren't cursed, and it was a normal street brawl I would have lost." He put the hood back over his face and began rolling downhill. "Now lets get some marvelous food from mickey D's to quench this hunger in tummy! Then I can heal these ugly wounds in a SEXY ice bath!"

Meanwhile back inside the warehouse Ray was still laying on the floor, beaten and broken. He felt his phone vibrate and winced as he reached into his pocket to read the message. The conversation went like this:

Andy: Dude, where the hell are you!? I look away for five seconds and your gone!

Ray: I just got my ass kicked by a flamboyant jackass on roller skates . . . not much else to say on the matter.

Andy: . . . What?