Most would consider me alone,

But perhaps I am, to solitude, prone

Perhaps I find all men a bore

And women's chatter a chore

Perhaps the sound of my own beating heart

Is the only thing I wish to take a part

Maybe people have turned my heart to ice

Hurt me terribly, when all I wanted to be was nice

My trust has been broken in two

Broken and crushed by you!

You're anger and callous hate destroyed my peace

All I want is for this pain to cease

My anger at you is consuming my soul

Pulling me into your hate's deep, dark hole

I long to let go and forgive

To not only for this hate live

I long to ignore my bitterness and move on

To forget everything that hurts or is wrong

So I alienate the world around

And stand upon my own ground

My self-worth, my confidence to the ground fall

But, I promise, I will rise above it all

To protect myself, I must move on

Because one day you'll be long gone

You're beneath me and cannot bring me down

I'll go on and strive for life's crown

For me to live, my hate for you must die

One day this trial will pass by

You no longer can lord my hate for you over me

'Cause I'm going to let it go, and live to be everything I'm destined to be

I forgive you…

a/n: I wrote this for someone...I have been finding to forgive. I'm not good with speaking words but when I write...I can express my true feelings and I know what to say. As always please read and review! I love reviews and will always return the favour! :D