The World

Look awake open your eyes,

Keep them glued keep them open,

Look interested appear awake.

The page is filled with gibberish

Vocabulary partaking to the subject

Lingering into the sentences

Sneaking along the lines.

Look awake open your eyes,

If you see something floating then look again.

If you stare at something too long

It crumbles to the ground.

Stare at the sky and don't blink,

Soon the sky will fall.

Music's blasting it's not enough,

Your lids are falling with the sky.

When the clouds reach the ground you know

That you need to open your eyes,

Because when the green grass starts to fly….

Look awake open your eyes,

Class isn't done and the teacher's still talking.

The sky is falling but the world doesn't care,

The green blades rise

And suddenly the teacher is yelling.

"Sit up and pay attention"

Look awake and alert,

To avoid the scholar's wrath.

Look awake and open your eyes,

The sun's on fire.