After generations upon generations of chaos, the world was wiped clean of all life, of all existence. But from this time of emptiness, from this time of empty chaos, new life was begun. Beings of infinite power repopulated the planet, filling it with life. These beings represented the seven things of without life could not exist, which without, life could not begin and continue. Titus the being of fire, Pavati the essence of water, Yuri the creator of Earth, Avira the spirit of air, Zora bringing the presence of light, Karayan the soul of darkness and the last being Veles, the existence of the unknown and the power of magic.

As they repopulated the earth, they deemed that they couldn't let the mortal world descend into the same madness they had to restore it from. And to guide that world, they combined with one another, and created seven beings of similar power, each deemed to rein over a territory of their own. Their power was not to rule, but to protect and guide all life, not just the humans, but the animals and creatures from every walk of life.

These people had their own abilities; that were passed on to their descendants; whole families of a race of superior beings were formed, creating seven families to guard the seven territories. Each territory under the guardianship of one of the seven families; the Rolans, the Sawyers, the Tates, the Amals, the Hales and the Carinthias, each family dedicated to serve a higher purpose than their own lives

They appeared in the form of humans, but they were elite, they were stronger, smarter and faster, each with a special ability to help guide and protect their territory. These families of power lived in secrecy, hiding among the human race, changing their names and faces to remain hidden. Slaying beasts, reversing natural disasters, stopping bad things from happening all over and sometimes giving their lives to prevent the eradication of society, this was the life that their families dedicated themselves to.

But this is the story of the Carinthia Family; a family that at one time were almost eradicated in a single attack. The family that left a group of children none elder than seven at the time as the last descendants of a godlike DNA. With only one elder Carinthia to care for them, who was killed seven years later, they only had each other to rely on in this cruel world. The children were raised in the knowledge that their parents had died to protect a people who would never know how much they sacrificed. And knowing they were almost certain to share the same fate, their destiny was to die as invisibles.

It wasn't too long till the group fractured the children of the Carinthia Clan no longer capable of staying together. Incapable of convincing themselves to serve such a thankless people. Very few continued to fight in the name of the family, while all of their brethren explored life of an almost normal existence. Not knowing how impossible it was for them to live a normal life. This is the tale of Carinthia Family; this is the story of how everything continued to go wrong…