I love you.
It's just three words.
They say a picture is worth a thousand.
They also say those three little words...
are the most powerful phrase of all.
Is it true?
Which is more important?
"Telling them," says the philosopher.
"Show them," says the dreamer.
But in time,
it all comes down
to each
and every
Do you dream?
Or do you think?
Do you profess your love in eloquent poetry?
Or do you show it in the little things?
Late nights when the other has to work,
the knowledge you worry,
that you care.
That care showing plain as day in your face,
or a gentle nudge to reassure you're there?
Or do you speak it,
share your mind,
your thoughts,
Little note cards on the refrigerator,
small messages on pixelated screens during a long day,
of all work, and no play?
Three little words.
A picture is worth a thousand.
But it all hinges...
on how you express it.