Loquacious Messenger

Out of waning darkness

I return home,

with my head held as high

as the morning I began.

The first demon I met

on my venture

spoke of sadness

and disgusting decadence.

The second spoke only

of the emptiest catacomb

in the most desolate

unforgiving tundra.

The third spoke of

the one hardest

to forgive and

easiest to forsake.

The forth spoke of

unrelenting rage and

undying vengeance.

The fifth gave news of

a great mirror

that unmasks

one's truest nature.

What I found was

that the sadness

and disgust hid

great trust and care.

The emptiest catacomb

provides the best

enclave to invite


The crimes were

never as severe as

the judge mercilessly

marked, and

the rage was

a brilliant disguise

for a prideful and

wise soul.

With this wisdom

I fearlessly tread

back to where

this journey began,

as the cool grip

of uncertainty grabbed hold,

and the beautiful

darkness bombarded

my eyes once again,