Author's Note: I have no idea where this came from...perhaps boredom? Eh, whatever, Like it, hate it-either way you read it.


Heavy red curtains shifted as the wind past through the opening leading out to a vast balcony. Shadows twisted and stretched their way across the bedroom, its only occupant standing out in the cool night air.

Back pressed against the smooth stone banister stood a male that had just turned eighteen. His head was tilted back to stare at the full, pale red moon that had graced him with its presence that faithful night. Studying the numerous stars that filled the sky with twinkling lights, the young man smiled inwardly as he took in the soothing ambiance. Dark blue eyes, shining almost violet in the light, closed ever so slowly as the gentle breeze fluttered the ends of his white sleeping shirt.

Cracking his eyes open as heard the wind blowing through forest treetops, he turned to view the rustic-looking town that dwelled just below the mountain. He could see the lights of shops and homes off for the night; only candles and torches burned in front of the inns and bars for travelers and the typical night folk. If he strained his hearing enough, he almost thought he could hear the tunes streaming through open doors but that was usually overpowered by the sounds of the forest soon after.

It was rare for any sounds from down below to ever truly breach the thick walls of the castle.

Closing his eyes once more, the male threaded long, slender fingers through short and feathery hair. Inhaling deeply, he caught a sweet, almost intoxicating scent wafting in the air. The more it filled his nostrils, the more lightheaded he became. Allowing his fingers to dance along the sides of his neck, dark pools of blue, color rivaling that of the night sky, opened to lazily scan across the yard below.

The deadly beauty of belladonna blooms glistened with dew, their color almost matching the soft purple foxgloves and nightshade that intermingled within the circular area. An alabaster bench sat at the center, a matching fountain not too far away. Scanning the well-kept area one more time, the man then looked up to see the moon being overshadowed clouds.

Taking that as his cue, he quietly padded back into the room behind him.

Closing the drapes a bit, the young male smiled to himself as he felt the plush white mink rug beneath his feet. Sighing contently as he made his way back to the overly large bed, he brushed aside the satin snow-colored sheets before kneeling onto the mattress. As he lay, resting his head on a pillow of downy feathers, he inhaled the same smell as he did outside. Sniffing the air, he wrapped his arms around the pillow once he realized the scent was coming from it.

It smelled of warm vanilla mixed with the lightest of musk and something else he could not quite place.

He knew who it smelled like though.

He knew that inebriating fragrance anywhere.

It smelled like him.

Hearing a door from above close with the softest of clicks, the young male closed his eyes as he let that smell lull him into a blissful sleep.

Elsewhere, beyond the room's walls, candles flickered to life as a shadow traversed the corridors. The short-heeled boots that treaded across the cold, cobble floor left not a sound, even as they descended the stairs that led from the third and final level of the vast castle. Eyes from the people in the frames seemed to follow this particular individual as they then stepped onto the unsoiled wine-colored rug that ran the length of the hall. Their strides were long, even, with unnatural grace. Each of the steps was deliberate yet the person almost seemed to glide unhurriedly as they went from one side of the estate to the other. Their feet soon stopped before a large wooden door at the end of the hall. Gently turning the knob, a simple push had the thing opening to allow the person entry. Again, their feet cast no sound as they crossed the stony floor. Sliding out of their shoes as they came across the rug, the guest then finished crossing the room until they stood before the large bed.

Dark eyes, color rivaling that of onyx or coal, stared down at the sleeping youth before the owner of such a large place allowed a slight smile to cross their face. Reaching out, fingers toyed with honey brown tresses as eyes raked over the slumbering man curled along the milky colored sheets. From the way his eyes shifted beneath his eyelids, it didn't take long for the other to know that the sleeping one was dreaming. As their smile grew, they knelt down with ease, already knowing the other would not wake if the bed simply dipped down.

As fingers travelled lower, they stopped to caress the soft skin before cupping the sleeping man's cheek. It was warmer than usual, making the other quirk a dark brow before allowing their fingers to ghost along the lightly tanned column of skin that was present as the blue-eyed male turned his head. Watching as the male's chest rose and fell at a slightly faster pace, the man cocked his head to the side before picking up on the mildly accelerated pulsing of the brunette's heart.

Leaning forward, the newcomer smiled wantonly as they ran a finger along the other's neck, tracing the jugular vein hidden by sun-kissed skin. Tracing the digit down to other's exposed collarbone, dark eyes continued to watch the rise and fall of the male's chest. A breathy sound then pulled the almost coal-colored orbs back to towards the brunette's sleeping face. A light sweat had the golden-brown bangs clinging to the eighteen-year old's forehead, his brow furrowed ever so faintly.

Brushing aside the damp tresses, the guest to the room watched the other shiver beneath the inhumanly cold touch.

"M-mas…" the sleeping man murmured as he seemed to try and curl himself around the pillow he was once holding. "Mmm…mmaster…"

Said person merely smiled as they leaned in closer, pressing a kiss to the side of the youth's neck. They inhaled the sweet smell of lilies and everything else that smelt of spring and all its lively glory. Pressing another kiss to the side of the other's neck, a tongue then laved slowly over the smooth area until another breathy sound was extracted.

Hearing the sleepy call once more, the alleged master ran their tongue across their lips before sliding into bed with the other. The sleeping male's heat seemed to radiate off in waves, making the other all the more willing to caress and twirl a finger through the damp strands. Creeping closer, the other pressed a gentle kiss to the teen's parted lips before slipping beneath the covers.


Soft pants filled the once quiet room that housed the sleeping brunette. His heart raced in his chest as a tight coil grew even tighter in the pit of his stomach. Leaving the pillow abandoned, long fingers grasped the folds of the satin sheets as more sweat beaded down the teen's brow, running the length of his neck. The puffs of air that had been controlled seemed to quicken while the golden skin flushed.


The brunette felt close; the knot in his stomach felt tighter and tighter before something finally had the coil snapping. Shuddering at first, and with a stifled yet rather loud moan, the sleeping male opened his eyes, feeling more tired than when he had previously gotten in bed. Recalling what he had just dreamed about, his face darkened a few shades in the shadows of the room as his breathing slowed just a bit. Knowing he had a mess he'd have to clean, he only prayed that the owner of the place had not heard him.

With a sigh, he raked his fingers through the sweaty tresses before casting aside the thin blankets that were used in the warmer seasons. The sight that greeted him had him stilling, his face turning even darker as he stared at the raven that was perched between his legs.

Dark eyes drifted up to meet the fretful blue pair as the other ran their tongue along the soiled digits. "Good evening, Aerithe."

The one sitting up merely watched the pink appendage run along each of the fingers before he shivered. "G-good evening, mast-"

Unable to finish the name as the other pushed him into a more prone position, the one dubbed Aerithe couldn't quite suppress the shudder that traveled the length of his spine.

"Come now, Aeri," the other said as he loomed over the male on his back, "you know I don't require such a title from you, especially not tonight of all nights."


"Ah, ah, ah," he chided lightly as traced the contours of the brunette's face, "go on and say my name."

Tilting his head up as finger slid beneath his chin, Aeri felt the blood rushing to face."Elizah."

Watching the other's lips move, more so than hearing his name, the one called Elizah, master of such a vast castle, leaned in quickly to seal his lips over the smaller male's. Smiling against them, the raven bit down on the fuller pair of lips, eliciting a small moan as well as a thin stream of blood. Its red color would go unnoticed by the younger male but not by the sharp, coal-colored orbs.

Elizah had already smelled the substance as it welled to the surface.

Running his tongue along the abused appendage, he reveled in the pure, clean taste.

The taste belonged to that of a virgin.

Sucking the injured lip for a few moments more, he then kissed it lovingly as if in apology prior to allowing his tongue to delve into Aerithe's mouth. The battle for dominance wasn't even a contest as the brunette caved almost too eagerly, earning him a light chuckle as the dark-eyed man explored every crevice.

When finished, his tongue withdrew back into his mouth before the other's tried to follow suit. Biting down on his lip again, Elizah swiped his tongue over the appendage once more, lapping up the sweet taste. Feeling an arm hook itself about his neck, the raven pulled back, merely to have a hand at the back of his head pushing him back down. Giving another kiss, save the nipping, Eli finally pulled back to stare at the clouded, dark blue eyes.

Leaning down again, Elizah watched the brunette lean up quickly in attempts to steal another kiss though full lips formed a frown as the raven pulled away.

"Eli…" Aeri murmured.

His once melodious voice was thick with a lustful tone one would not likely find on such an innocent-looking face. Disappointment marred the once eager male before a pout made itself onto his face.

"Don't do that," Elizah ordered quietly as he trailed a finger along the other's collarbone then up his neck. His finger then came to a rest beneath his chin soon after teasing the brunette's Adam's apple. "I might just have to gobble you up if you do," he added with a light chuckle.

Watching the younger man's scowl deepenen, Eli simply ran his tongue over his lips.

The one beneath him looked adorable, breathtaking, even in the dark.

Golden-brown hair lay flat against his forehead while the rest lay in soft spikes for the time being. His tanned skin was flushed ever so slightly while his chest rose and fell in a less quickened pace.

His heart, however, still seemed to flutter beneath his ribcage, making Elizah bite his lip.

He had to hold in a hiss lest he wanted Aeri to know he was going to go crazy.

Hell, he waited for the boy to turn eighteen, into a man.

He waited until this night; the night of Aerithe's eighteenth birthday, and that of the red moon.

The man had waited for too long.

And now the brunette was pouting with such a sweet face, eyes dark and sin-laden.

"Eli," Aerithe murmured again.

He watched the man through long lashes, lips parted to take in quick yet softer breaths.

It had been a while since he had last seen the man such proximity. He could hear the other's slow, collected breaths. There was no heat but that didn't mean the raven lacked presence.

Then there was scent.

That cruelly intoxicating scent that had the brunette's heartbeat pounding in his ears and when Elizah had pulled away, Aeri thought the organ would give out altogether.

He had watched the owner of the castle from afar; he watched him entertain the guests that had come.

He was very popular amongst the ladies.

Their constant stays and…noises kept him quite aware of their presences yet they usually never came around after their overnight stays.

They couldn't even if they wanted to and Aerithe knew why.

He had found out some time ago and he was aware that stakes were high in him staying there, yet he wouldn't leave.

It wasn't like he had anywhere to go. It wasn't like he'd be missed by anyone in at the base of the mountain. His allotted time was spent carefully for he knew that one day, his existence would cease entirely and possibly by the hands of the one he'd call master.

But he was ok with that.

Aeri knew what the other was and he wasn't afraid; not anymore.

If it ever came down to it, he wasn't afraid of death; not as long as he got to spend his final moments with the man, Elizah.

"Eli," he whispered for a third time, "please?"

The dark-haired man just stared down at the brunette for what felt like an eternity before he nodded once, a devilish smirk in place. "Very well."


It had hurt initially, though Elizah ensure him that all would feel a lot better soon.

To help, he had placed small open-mouthed kisses along the brunette's arched spine. When that did nothing, he trailed them higher to the base of Aeri's neck then over to the junction where his shoulder met. His hands moved in soothingly slow circles along the teen's thighs while he whispered sweet nothings in his ear.

But that was nearly two hours ago.

Despite the quiet calls of nature outside the castle walls, leaving the surroundings enjoyably calm, within that room was nothing but cries of pleasure.

Eli didn't quite expect Aeri to be as vocal as he was. He had expected the few soft moans to be stifled from embarrassment, yet that emotion had seemed to vanish within the first ten minutes. The younger male had gotten comfortable, wanting more.

He seemed to anticipate it.

Aerithe even bit him whenever he slowed down yet Elizah didn't bother to comment on it.

He usually did the biting after all but it wasn't that big of a deal.

It was likely this was the only time Aeri would ever get to.


The name seemed to die off in an unbridled and incoherent way, only making the man chuckle as he nipped at the teen's shoulder. He had done this for some time now.

Whenever Aerithe went to say something, the raven simply shifted prior to aiming for the younger male's sweet spot.

It was a wonder how the brunette's voice wasn't gone.

It didn't matter.

Dark eyes watched the red light of the moon creep itself towards the bed as the curtains blew in the breeze. Eilzah's hearing fell death to the jumbled or unintelligible words spilling from kiss-swollen lips and simply paid attention to the lively throbbing going on in the man's chest.

Aeri's heart had to be pressed flushed to his ribcage by now.

His skin felt on fire already but it burned wherever his lover trailed his fingers.

If he died right then and there, he concluded he could die happily.

"Eli…" Said person nuzzled the crook of the brunette's neck. "…I…I-"

"So soon?" he purred teasingly as he licked the shell of his ear. "You came not even twenty minutes ago, Aeri~"

Pressing his back against the man's chest, Aerithe reached down to grasp his own straining member and began to pump his hand in time with the other.


"Ah, ah, ah," he chuckled, "not yet. You have to hold it."

"But I-" He shuddered as he sped his hand up. "-I have to-!"

"What did master just say?" Elizah asked as he grabbed hold of the smaller hand.

"H-hold it."

"Good," the raven said, emphasizing his praise with an upward thrust. "Now hold it for just a few more minutes."

"I c…can't!"

"Aerithe." It was low, quiet, but it was an order nevertheless. "When I move my hand, you're not going to move yours, understood?" The brunette remained silent as he looked down at the hand. "Is that understood?" Eli questioned as he thrust up once more.

"Y-yes!" Aeri practically screeched. "Yes, un-understood."

Content with that, Elizah removed his hand in favor of sliding a finger past full lips. Smiling as a tongue swirled around it willingly, the man pushed up even harder, his smile growing as it elicited a startled yet pleasurable sound. Feeling his own release imminent, the raven guided the younger male's movements, feeling the one on top tightening more and more as his prostate was abused. Dark eyes then stared at flushed skin before Eli pressed a kiss to the side of his neck.

"Look at the moon, Aeri."Hazy blue orbs drifted over to stare out at the red sphere hanging right in front of the balcony. "Isn't it lovely?" Eli asked before biting down on his lower lip.

Peering over his shoulder, Aerithe managed to catch the crimson stream dribbling down the other's chin. Leaning in, he startled when the other pulled out of him suddenly and he was placed on his back. Before he could whine, grieve, or comment, his back arched off the mattress as the moment he was reentered. A mouth then sealed itself over his own before he felt a slick muscle trying to pry its way in. Parting his lips, Aeri moaned into the kiss as the man began to move.

He didn't mind the coppery taste of blood filling his mouth.

Pulling away, Elizah stared at the red-tinted saliva still connecting the two. Dark eyes then stared down at the young man lying in the pale red light of the moon. Looking towards the window for a moment, he thrust harder, listening to the sharp yet pleased cry.

"Eli…I-I-" The brunette reached down between them though he did his best not to touch himself. "-I…I really…please?" he begged, biting his blood-stained lip. "Please?" He looked up at the man pleadingly when he didn't say anything, just stared. "Ple-"

He received a kiss before have his head turned to the side. He would've said something about it if the raven wasn't plowing him into the mattress by this point. He would've warned Eli to slow down but good chances were that he wouldn't listen.

The man was preoccupied with other things.

Eli's hearing was set on the brunette's pounding heart. His sense of touch was honed in on the heat radiating off the teen. Leaning down, he trailed his tongue over the other's neck prior to pulling back slightly to run them over a pair of sharpened and elongated incisors. Timing himself, he waited for the right moment before biting down quick and hard.

It was enough to push Aerithe over the edge, leaving him boneless and out of breath beneath the man.

His body tingled as he began to come down from his post-orgasmic bliss before he felt something warm, almost hot, trailing down his neck. As his sense of touch crept back in, he winced, even whimpered, as something drove itself deeper into the side of his neck.

It hurt more and more the longer he lay there.

"El-Eli," he muttered as he lifted a hand to shove at the other's shoulder.

Aforementioned pulled away to stare down at the still clouded and slightly dull pair of eyes looking back up. The flush that had once held sun-kissed skin vanished slowly as Aerithe continued to feel the liquid running down the side of his neck, staining the sheets red. Running his tongue over his lips slowly, coal-colored eyes appear to flicker, almost resembling the color of the moon outside. Inching forward, he initiated another kiss, tasting everything sweet, everything Aeri had to offer before finally moving over to be by his neck again.

Feeling a tongue lapping at the blood there, the brunette lay still, unable to truly move even if he wanted. A sharp flash of pain stabbed into his neck once more, almost making him cry out in pain though his throat felt much too tight to carry his voice anyway. Dizziness soon started to settle in before everything began to blur together.

This was why none of the women ever seemed to come around for a second visit.

Bringing a hand up, Aerithe slowly settled it along the back of the man's head. He didn't expect him to stop or even pause in what he was doing.

He did say he'd be content if he had to die by the hands of his master.

"…li…zah…" his voice was hardly audible as his sight began to fail him. Feeling the fangs withdraw themselves, the brunette shuddered weakly as he stared up through watery eyes. "…thank you for the birthday present…"

A waning smile crossed his pallid face as he reached up to caress the man's cheek. Instead, the other's hand caught his own before Eli pressed a light kiss to the back of it. Watching as the smile tried to stay just a bit longer, the raven leaned forward and sealed his lips over Aeri's once again. They felt colder than before though he didn't pull away until he could no longer feel the short puffs of air blowing against his skin. Pulling away, Elizah sat up, swiping his thumb along his lower lip as he stared at the crimson stain standing out against the white sheets. His attention then went to the motionless man lying in bed.

Lifeless blue eyes, resembling glassy marbles, stared up at nothing. Drying blood stained now pale lips while tan skin only grew whiter and white as more of the blood leaked from the puncture wound to the neck. Rising from his spot, Elizah got dressed before wrapping the sheets around the deceased youth. Picking him up, the raven stared out at the oddly colored moon from between the slightly parted curtains before turning on his heels and walking down the hall with a limp body in his arms.

He ignored the pictures, their eyes seeming to follow his every move. Coming to the stairs he had descended hours ago, Eli made his way up carefully until he reached the third and final floor in the entire estate. Crossing the corridors, he returned to the room he had left before kicking the door shut with his heel.

Crossing the chamber, Elizah carried his still lover over to a coffin stationed nearby. Nudging the casket's lacquered lid aside, the man eased the body inside before taking the time to look at his pale, slack features.

Pressing a kiss to the cold brow, Eli ruffled the sex-mussed hair before sliding the lid into place, encasing Aerithe.

There, he stood for just a few minutes more before he finally walked over to the second, larger coffin stationed not too far from the first. Giving the red moon one last look, the man got into his own coffin and pulled the lid into place.

He then remembered the belladonna and nightshade blooms that grew in the garden just beneath Aeri's old room.

The teen had seemed to love the poisonous beauties.

Settling in before the sun started to rise over the horizon; the older male closed his eyes for rest as an old request came to the forefront of his mind.

"If anything was to ever happen to me and I died, could you put Belladonna and Nightshade on my casket, Elizah?"