So if you have read mine FanFiction page. You know about the story How Could He Love Me? About SOMA ( Soul X Maka: Soul Eater ) This is the Original one before it turn into 'How could he love, an Angel; With small wings?' so enjoy.

- means it goes to some to the left person.

How could he love me, a flower.

How could he love


-How could he not

-Your like a flower in the spring


-Yes, with your

-long white peddles.

Why white?

-So you can paint your own color,


What kind of flower?

A Strong one?-Yes.

One having a intoxicating smell?-Yes, of course.

One that has the sun hitting it with its glowing rays?-Yes if you believe it.

-Also one that no man or boy

-Can look away from

-And can't help but

Adoring me,-Adore you.


-Why must you think this

Stop calling me that.-Flower?

I'm not