To Alex

I guess I should say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for trying to be your friend, for trying to make up for the absence school forced onto us. I'm sorry you can't stand me, even though I'm trying to make you feel better for having parents that went through a bitter divorce and are still doing stupid teenager stuff. I'm sorry for egging you on, just trying to get you to have fun.

But I still can't hate you. Even though you hate me, I can't hate you back. Hell, I couldn't even ignore you at lunch that one day when you told me, "I'm not going to take your shit today." All I did was run up to you in the hallway and say hi.

And it doesn't really bother me to much that you talk and talk and talk about your fandoms and the artists and singers you like, but don't even let me open my mouth to talk about mine. Or let me say that I really don't like them, but each man to his own.

I have absolutely no idea why I haven't left this friendship, even though you hit me and have slapped me. You don't care about my feelings. I know you don't. I can still feel the sting from when you slapped me across my face. Both times. I know it's coming when you hit me on my arm or the top of my head (curse that height, you choke me sometimes, too).

That time when you 'shush pap'-ed me in English was funny, know that I know what a 'shush pap' is.

"Club-to-Death Angel, who pounds you with her bat, Dokuro-chan! Club-to-Death Angel, blood stained all over, Dokuro-chan! I'll cut you, punch you, toy with you, Stab you, leave you in the cold, drip stuff on you, But that's how I express my love. Pi piru piru piru pi piru pi!"

Is that all we have? Are we forever bound to beat each other up, then nurse our wounds? I guess we'll just have to be a yin and yang, you always hating me (but accepting that I'm there), and me always staying (but feeling the abuse).

Special thanks to the Beat to Death (or Club to Death, personally I say beat) Angel Dokuro-chan wiki for the translation to the opening lyrics. Well, some of them.