I woke abruptly to two masked men grabbing me, one with his hand over my mouth, and holding my upper back, while the other was holding my legs as I desperately squirmed. My screams were muffled as they took me out of my house, and into the street. One opened the back of a clunky car, and they strapped me down sideways and tied my hands and ankles with fishing wire. I could faintly see the light from the street-lamps flash past as they sped away from my house, from my life. I tried to scream, but for one, I was too afraid that they'd do anything to shut me back up. Also, I was simply paralyzed, almost too scared to breathe. But I finally got the courage to speak up.

"Wha... what are you gonna do with me?" I asked it waveringly, almost silent.

"Oh, you'll found out." One responded. I couldn't quite make out the tone of his voice. It seemed a bit of a mix of excitement and amusement.

We drove for what seemed like forever. I started to cry soundlessly as I wondered what they might have in store for me. A young, teenage girl. Rape? Most likely rape... Murder, just for shits and giggles? Not as likely. I'm sure they've killed many girls, and I'm just their umpteenth victim. I shut my eyes, trying not to imagine what my future held for me.

We started to slow down, and then stopped. I heard them get out of the car, and my back stiffened. no, no! just kill me now, please god, please no! I wanted to scream, but I kept my mouth shut as they cut the wire, undid the seat belts, and dragged me out into the abandoned street. We were in the parking lot of an old apartment complex, on what looked like the sketchy side of town. It was dark, and I couldn't see much around us. They each grabbed one of my arms but again, covered my mouth and throat, preventing me from screaming. I struggled immensely, desperate to get out of their arms. I grabbed onto the car door handle, but they easily pried my hand free.

"It's gonna be alright," one of them said. The statement didn't help, just made me even more frantic.

They dragged me up a flight of stairs, leading to two doors across from each other. They turned to the left, and one of them took out his key and unlocked the door. He pushed it open, and I completely froze as I saw what lay inside. A dead body of a girl, about twenty-five. She was bloody. I started crying, sobbing, not wanting to be doomed to die by the hands of these bastards. They dragged me inside, and pulled me to a room in the back of the apartment. The place was filthy, and was set up with the living room when you walk in, then the kitchen to the left if you walk straight. To the right was a hallway leading to four rooms, 'my room' was at the very back. The door was closed. One of my kidnappers opened the door, then quickly closed it again.

"Whoops, we forgot something..." He said, looking to the other kidnapper.

The one holding me peaked inside the room, and I could see a dead girl on the bed, bloody like the first. I shivered, dear lord what are they going to do to me, what did i do to deserve this- "Heh, we should probably take care of her..." he responded. He looked at me and tilted his head thoughtfully. Then, he grabbed a piece of fishing wire and tied me to one of the door handles. "Stay here, please." Not like I could go anywhere. "Not that you could get very far. We'll be back soon." He said it a little too cheerfully. I watched as they each grabbed the girl and brought her out of the apartment.

When they had gone, I started screaming frantically. I creaked open the door to find a bathroom. If I could get a piece of glass or something, I might be able to cut through the wire? I tried to reach my foot up to the sink and brought my other leg up too. I kicked the glass, but couldn't break it with my bare foot. I let myself fall and also ended my screams. I looked around for inspiration to try to get out, but found nothing. I struggled hopelessly to get out of the wire, but just succeeded in making my wrists bleed. When I heard the front door open, my heart sunk, and I took a shaky breath. A couple seconds later, they came around the bend with their masks off. One had curly dark hair and glasses, and the other had messy black hair. Both of them had bright green eyes. The one with the glasses was carrying sheets. They both walked straight past me and into the room, where they started undressing the bed and partly putting the sheets on.

The glasses guy said, "Meh, we're lazy, you can do the rest." and they both walked off again. This time, the glasses guy came back with a laptop, and the other with wire cutter. Glasses held me while the other cut the wire. They shoved me into the room and Glasses handed me the laptop, then they quickly shut the door and locked it from the outside. "As we said, we're lazy, so we want you to write a book for us, so we can publish it. It's an easier way of getting money than stealing is. Oh, and the internet doesn't work, so don't even try."

"Uh... What do you want me to write about...?" I asked tentatively.

"Hm... It's really up to you. You could do a paranormal book, I love ghost shows!" One responded.

"I'm not very good at writing... Why did you pick me? You could let me go and I swear I won't speak a single word about tonight..." I said hopefully.

"Oh, well we don't really like people too much, as is apparent, but kids seem so innocent and nice. But children can't write, so teenagers are the next best thing, right? Or so we thought, but only a few are actually nice. But, you know, your family doesn't seem to care about you too much, so if we're lucky, they might not even talk to the police, although school may be an issue if people notice... Do you have many friends that care about you? Anyways, beside the point, write about whatever you want. Good night!"

What the hell was that all about? I turned to look at the room. It was cold and windowless. The lighting was good, and there was a pile of books in the corner. I made the bed and noticed that they gave me an electric blanket. I curled up in the bed, wondering what the hell was gonna happen to me.

It's not like I could fall asleep, so I grabbed the laptop and opened it up. I stared at a blank Word document for what seemed like forever. I wonder what they'd do if I didn't write enough? I shuddered, and just made a scenario as fast as I could and stuck it on the document. It was about a ghost hunter in an old graveyard. He took pictures and found odd mists and faces. When he left the graveyard, he found that odd things were happening in his house, like stuff being moved around, but after a while, more violent stuff started happening, like he got scratches on him so he had to call a priest. It was a pretty stereotypical ghost story, and I started a different story about aliens. Hopefully I could just make a book of short stories. I guess the writing helped me get my mind off of what was really going on.

I was immensely tired, but couldn't bring myself to fall asleep. Before I knew it, I heard my kidnappers talking. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but I was guessing it must be late in the morning. I yawned, but still couldn't let myself fall asleep. I didn't trust those two with my life.

I heard a knock on my door, then Glasses walked in, carrying a plate of waffles. He sat at the edge of my bed. I scrambled away from him, holding a pillow to my chest. My breath was shallow. He just sighed, and handed the waffles to me. I didn't take them, so he put them on the bed between us.

"You know, we're not trying to hurt you here. We're not gonna rape you or anything like that, that's just disgusting. It's a stupid pitiful human thing that we could all live without. I'm Lio, by the way. And the other guy, my brother, is Donavon. Sorry if he scares you, he can be a bit serious sometimes. I don't expect you to talk for a while, you don't seem like the type of person to, but if you need anything, call for us. The door'll be locked for a while." With a wave of his arm, he walked out, closing the door behind him. I didn't even bother to scream. Someone would've heard screams by now, whether it be from me beforehand, or previous girls left in this room.

I looked suspiciously at the food. Even if I was able to keep it down, I wouldn't trust it enough to not be poisoned. Instead, I pulled up the laptop again. I tried to type, but my eyelids were too heavy, and before I knew it, I was just a limp body.

When I awoke, the first thing I noticed was that I had to go. Like pee-for-twenty-minutes-straight kind of go. I sat up in bed, and for a split second, had no idea where I was. Then, all the memories flooded back and I was left there wondering what the hell I should do. I thought about ways to escape, but my bladder wouldn't let me. I inched towards the door, and finally got up the courage to knock. A few seconds later, I heard Lio call back, asking what I wanted. In a squeaky voice, I responded with the truth. Silence, and a few seconds later, Lio opened the door, and lightly grabbed my arm as he escorted me the three feet it took to get to the bathroom. I did my business and stopped at the mirror. I saw a sixteen year old girl with big, scared blue eyes. My long brown hair was a mess. When I came back out, I was once again chaperoned.

In my room, I noticed that my waffles were gone and in its place was a fresh green chili cheeseburger. Next to it was a pile of clothes. My mouth began to water and I quickly snatched the burger. Poisoned or not, it was still food and I was still starving. I ravenously ate it, and waited to fall over dead, which never happened. I then turned my attention to the clothes. They were men's, and there were a couple outfits worth. If anything, I had expected to have to wear some stripper outfit or something. I pulled on a black shirt and jeans, which were too big, but it was nice to be in something clean.

I pulled up the laptop and a knock came at the door. As expected, in came Lio. I didn't freak out as much as the first time he came in. "We bought cookies!" he exclaimed, carrying a plate of them. He stuffed one in his mouth and offered me one. I took it, and nibbled quietly on it. "So how far are you on the book?" he asked. I just shrugged, not sure how much I should give away. He just nodded, as if expecting that type of response. "How 'bout you come watch TV with us?" he said, and turned to walk out. Thinking it wise to obey, I followed.

He led me to the living room, where Donavon was watching the TV while standing in front of the door. Lio sat down on the couch and motioned for me to do the same. I sat as far away as possible and still be on the couch, and curled my legs up close to me. Obviously Donavon was in front of the door in case I tried to make a run for it. Not that I'd try, I knew they'd quickly catch up and more than easily drag me back up here. I tried to shed some of my discomfort, and focused my attention on the television. It was a show called The Big Bang Theory and was about four nerds and their nerdy lives. I chuckled a couple of times but mostly kept my mouth shut. It was weird to think that such terrible people could enjoy the same things as normal people... er... semi-normal people, in my case.

Looking around, I could see a big window in the dining room that looked over the parking lot. A lamppost was on and illuminated snow heavily making its way down to the earth. Somewhere inside me, a hint of happiness trickled to my brain. Snow always did help calm me down when Mom and Dad were fighting. I guiltily shoved the emotion and memories brought with it to the back of my mind. How could I be happy when I was kidnapped and held in captivity? Mom and Dad loved me, even if they had funny ways of showing it... very funny ways of showing it...

I shook the thought out and focused on my surroundings. Lio had dozed off and Donavon was looking tired. I looked at him expectantly, and finally he said something. "Uh... Maybe we should head to bed..." I nodded and went back to my little room. Right before I went in, I turned to Donavon and quietly said, "Rina." He just dipped his head ever so slightly to show that he heard. I went in the room and shut the door.

I sat awake for awhile, surprised I was still breathing. I didn't trust these people, not in the long-run. I couldn't stop thinking about those ladies, just empty shells of what they used to be. And after thinking about what Lio had said earlier, that my parents didn't seem to care about me... well even if it might be a teeny bit true, how did he know? How long had they been stalking me? Just the thought made me curl up into a ball. Probably not long, if they didn't even know if I had friends. Which I do, even if they're not super close. I felt a little sick, and simply reached for the laptop.

I wasn't the best writer, but the writing certainly made me feel better. It wasn't long before I slowly fell into a dreamless sleep.