Silence fell over the kingdom. The griffin at Clara's paws was the king. And the king was dead. Poisoned, the healing griffin had confirmed. 'By the evil ones, I suspect!' she had croaked. The clouds were blackened with sorrow, and the rain poured in morning. All the griffins had gathered around. Solar, a muscular, fighter griffin, who also happened to be the mate of Clara, padded up to the king to pay his respects.
Clara stood out of the way for her mate. One question roamed through her mind of many questions. Who was going to be the new king? Clara stood forward, and flew up so the kingdom could see her. Her wings beat in time to the pretend music playing in her mind. 'Who will be the new king?'

This realization made the crowd of wondering mythical animals break out in terrified whispers. One peeped up, it was Zoe. 'Maybe Solar?' She questioned. Zoe was a normally shy griffin, but when she was in battle, that was a different story. Zoe was the best fighter in the kingdom. As many scars as she had, Zoe would not back down until the end of the battle, injured or not.

Solar shook his head with no regret hinting in his tone. 'I am not the right king to lead this place into a greater kingdom,' he replied to Zoe, his eyes turning serious. Zoe looked down ashamed now. Solar flew over to Zoe to explain to her about her mistake.

Gravity, a very small chick, and one of the only surviving chicks from the Great War, flew gently over to Clara. The Great War was how so many of the griffins in the kingdom were lost. Evil had swept over the throne and the good griffins had to team up. So many griffins and chicks were lost. Clara was on the side of good, Solar was on the side of bad. Griffins say it was their love that brought Solar back, others say otherwise. Those griffins don't believe in love, romance and fairy tales. That is what will lead them to their doom, the other griffins exclaim. Clara remembered the battle all too well. She has lost her sister, Alexea, in the battle. Rocky, the king of the side of evil, had slaughtered her in his defense She shivered at the thought, and her muscles tensed at the thought of getting her revenge.

Neptune, Gravity's sister, flew up beside them. Her paw had been broken from being trapped in the rubble after the battle of the Great War. 'Wait up next time!' Neptune whined. Gravity rolled her eyes and looked up at Clara. 'Who will be the next king?' she questioned. Clara stroked Gravity's head with her big, soft, muddy brown paw. 'Who knows?' she replied softly.

Dan, the mate of Zoe, looked up nervously. His golden fur blew majestically in the harsh breeze. 'Should I be king?' He questioned nervously. All the griffins looked around and discussed quietly in harsh whispers to accept his offer or not. Clara stood forward. Her brown, glittering eyes seemed to check Dan out. She nodded slowly and surely. 'Fit, purely good, good enough fighter...' Clara trailed off. She stretched her back, arching the front part of her body. She seemed to form a bow. 'This is our new king,' the griffin announced calmly.

Solar stepped forward. His black paws touched the ground, leaving firm footprints in the soft, dark brown, damp earth. 'All hail King Dan! He shall lead our kingdom to victory!' he cawed loudly. All the griffins held their heads high and cawed the new kings name. The sunrays broke out between the blackened clouds. The rain stopped, and Clara's fur glittered from the raindrops sticking to her fur. Solar glanced at Clara, his heart beating fast. The sun brought the warmth back to the kingdom. A new era for the griffins, had begun.