Memoirs of the Snow & Fox: First Meeting

"Raiden, what is it so important for you to summon me?" The fox demon asked.

"A favor, Shiranui."

The fox expressed surprised, "A favor? You never ask for one, my dear friend."

"Let's cut to the details." The man who asked, was serious, "I want you to be the guardian of my children – Yuki and Yukio."

The demon protested, "As much as I want to, but I don't want to be close with half-demons or human beings. You know me. I'm a womanizer -"

The man named Raiden interrupted, "Is that an excuse? I am a demon myself and mated with a human being. Both of them need protection from any threat. I can't be there for them because of what I am right now…"

The fox looked down, "I'm not a father-material. I'm a fox demon who plays women. I do not know how to protect others as much as you do, my friend."

"Nobody had asked you to be their father. I just need someone to take care of them until I recovered. My wife… Izayoi is a human being. She cannot live as long as my children and I. As a best friend, this would be my first and last favor from you, Shiranui."

The door behind the silver fox creaked open. There were a woman and two children holding her hand on each side. "Izayoi… Yukio and Yuki, meet your Guardian."


"Shiranui." His tone sounded deadly and stern, "As much as you hated the humans or even half-demons, they are my children. If anything happens to them, I will be the one at fault because I have placed my trust in the wrong person. I don't think you want me to think that way."

The fox was disgusted. However, when he turned and looked at the Twin more closely, he felt something was not right. Then, he turned and looked towards the little girl. The slightly older boy stood in front of her, "If you do anything to my sister, I will beat you!" He yelled.

The demon gave a hearty laugh, "Just like you, buddy?"

"Yukio, don't be rude." The woman who is their mother said.

"But Mother! He is looking at Yuki!" The boy pointed out.

The little girl seemed to be in deep thoughts. Their eyes reminded him so much about their father. Their hair colour was the same colour as their mother – Black as the night. "Raiden, I accept this favor. Be sure you're ready to pay me back." He gave a cocky smile.