When Stefanie was seven, she wrote an account

For her Mum, in the form of a bill,

To leave on the table, with one cup to mount

It, with sugar cubes holding it still.

Her Mum found the invoice, and read what her child

Had included:- an itemized list

Of monies she "owed" to her daughter, and smiled

At it. Here is the main general gist:

To Stefanie, for cleaning her bedroom:- ten cents.

For behaving well, fifteen cents more.

For homework done, some extra large recompense,

And a dollar for doing her chore.

Her mother replied with her payment in full,

And she added a bill of hers too:

To Mum, for the trolleys of shopping she'd pull,

Stef owes nothing, but "Thank you" will do.

For holding an infant, when she was too small

To come out of the cot or the pram,

And make her first moves, as she learned how to crawl,

My whole tab is not even one clam.

There's no charge for cooking, or hanging her shirt,

Which is why I just can't take a quid;

And nothing for washing the mud stains and dirt

From her dress. Yes, that's Mummy's bill, kid.

It's just like this bill for the debts of our sin,

Which we never can possibly pay.

So Jesus, to save us, came down and stepped in,

To redeem us for judgment's last day.