My friend has a paper crown
His coronet is quite renown
All were envious
Then it's obvious
That something has made this king frown

His prized Ben Franklin bobble-head
Found he liked girls clothing instead
And on our king's desk
Ben was grotesque
Donned a boa for all to dread

Embarrassed, the king moved away
A new castle for him to stay
But the ghost he knew
Made pictures askew
This made the king's mind go astray

The king needed some time to think
So off to the pub for a drink
And when he got home
His dog Jacob Bome
Had a new fur coat that was pink

Our king could not believe his eyes
What he was seeing must be lies
Off to the mirror
To see things clearer
Yet his jowl was a great surprise

Straight to his kingly witch doctor
Using ways of the ancestor
He has a cat scan
And begins a plan
Battle he must, divide and conquer

Cancer they say, feeds this fire
His position is quite dire
Chemo was given
His hair was missin'
"Bad news" shouted the town crier

A search starts for someone to give
Bone marrow seemed elusive
With only vague hope
He began to mope
Anticipation, would he live?

So loyal his subjects must be
For a young girl named Lee
Offered a chance
To meet her friend Lance
And get marrow replaced by thee

I have a friend with a paper crown
His story is rather renown
He still has no hair
But who is to care?
As he lives on without a frown