Lets become thieves!
Who wear masks and mustaches.
We`ll roam the nights in leather tights,
Darkness be our cover,
Shadows be our eyes.

Should we learn how to climb rooftops first?
Probably so, lets take lessons in acrobats.
You`ll do all the swinging, I`ll do the thinking.
Then let me in.
I`ll be waiting.

So many victims, such little time.
Who shall we rob first, that house along street nine?
There`s a widower there, with her Coo-Koo cats.
Careful of her cookies.
They say they`re made of bats!

We`ll set sleeping gas inside her house.
What? No, no murder. There`s cats as her witness!
Do I believe in hell, you ask?
Of course!
Else where would I end up in once i`m gone?

Oi! Careful! Don`t break the lady`s vase.
She may be drugged, don`t mean her neighbours are!
Hush! I know we live next to her!
Just. Keep a low profile, please!

Yes, i`m stealing her chicken, got a problem?
I`m hungry. Can`t rob a house on an empty tummy...

I`ve gotten all the jewelry
Have you gotten all the money? Good.
What about the pearl necklace
That fat cat has around its neck?
No? Fine then we`ll leave it.

Shit! What the heck was that?
Oh, just that sleeping dreaming cat.
Gosh it`s a feline land mine in here!
I wonder how many she has now.
98 you say? You counted?
Should we leave her note to thank her?
Oh, great! You`ve thought of it before I did!

Now off we go, before some cat decides to get up.
The demons pets, them are, hurry!

And off we go with our booty
Lets do this again sometime, shall we?

~Yay! First time posting anything on FP! Reviews appreciated! =)