January 1, 2013

The body of a teenage girl was discovered lying in the middle of an abandoned bridge yesterday, after her aunt found a note on her desk.

Helena Hope, aged 17, had written a hasty note addressed to her aunt on yesterday morning, claiming that her twin sister was telling her to find her at the closed off road behind Kraepelin Avenue, which connects to Forbes Bridge and is also closed off due to the construction of the new highway. His aunt, Laura Todd, discovered the note when she found her missing, and called the police promptly.

Helena Hope had been diagnosed with schizophrenia for a week, Todd states, when she started acting strangely after the tragic death of her parents.

"She [Hope] saids he had a twin sister called Johanna," Todd says. "Johanna went everywhere with her and she had this complete set of new memories where Johanna was real."

Todd, who was a nurse, was worried about her, so at mealtimes, she dissolved schizophrenia pills in her food. She knew the pills had worked when Hope said Johanna was missing. She claimed that it was for the best, even though she knew it was illegal to acquire and use such medicine without a proper prescription. However, her plan backfired.

"Helena went up to me and said Johanna was missing," her neighbour recalls. "Laura had asked the whole town to act like we've never heard of Johanna before so I told her [Hope] she didn't have a sister."

Todd is currently in custody.