There were five of them, 3 guys and 2 girls. All ridiculously good looking and famous for various reasons. Let's begin with Diego, the joker of the group. Diego was Punjabi, Indian, and like most of them had brown eyes and black hair. He was an average height and had eyes that crinkled round the edges when he laughed. His dad was a multi-billionaire and owned one of the biggest electronics companies in the world; YZM. The boys met each other when their dad's had come together to merge divisions of their companies.

Although that provided a platform for his fame, Diego actually first gained popularity for breaking free of his father's clean-cut reputation and becoming a professional skateboarder. He won several championships and competed in the World Series competitions. However he did not truly peak until he moved on from his skateboarding career to collaborate with one of the other boys, Suresh, to produce music. They specialised in Hip-hop and Rap and achieved multiple number one hits, Platinum selling albums and won several Grammys.

He was the one who the rest of the group jumped to make fun of, he was a fierce and loyal friend and he was the guy who could rarely be serious.

Suresh on the other hand came from a Brahmin family originating from New Dehli, India. Following the trend, he also rebelled against his father and roots; he had initially been producing music behind the scenes until he met Diego and they decided to join forces and hit the stage themselves. Combined they brought something incredible, exciting and new to the music industry, astounding everyone.

Up until he had found his stride, Suresh had struggled with a drinking problem from a very young age brought on from continuously being in his father's shadow. He was brought out of this dark place by his friends and his on again, off again girlfriend, Nili.

Nili had gained minor fame working as a part-time model competing in small competitions such a Miss Bengoli-UK. Culturally, taking up modelling was highly frowned upon and her family had severely discouraged her, but she had been determined and excelled. This success led to Suresh hearing about her through a friend of a friend and thus how their complicated relationship was born. With Suresh's help, Nili went on to conquer America and was presented with more opportunities to pursue her true passion: becoming an international fashion designer.

Being in the limelight put a serious strain on their relationship hence their repetitive break-ups and make-ups. No matter their issues, the couple always aired a sense of 'belonging together' which may well be why the public rooted for them so thoroughly.

The other girl of the group was Priya. Priya's parents had moved from Pakistan to raise Priya in London. In her teenage years they then moved to America so that they could dedicate their lives further to the military. It was only then that her parents revealed to her the reason for their frequent relations; her parents were high ranking officers involved in a long-term top secret US government run operation. Priya knew nothing more about their work but as before, continued to have little contact with her parents. At school she isolated herself knowing that although it wasn't common knowledge amongst the common folk, the higher ups were well aware her parents were traitors to their original country and this all stemmed to Priya never knowing where she truly belonged.

Being someone who was highly admired from afar for her good looks and being spotted in public, Priya went on to becoming a supermodel often featuring on the cover of top fashion magazines. This was how she had come to meet Nili. Now it may seem a shallow profession for someone with such a dark past but Priya revelled in the idea of being an empty container with nothing on the inside. However, this did not satiate her for long. She soon realised she couldn't live a meaningless life and signed up to join the military herself, trying to find out what her parents obsession with it was. Priya was just returning from four years of service when our story begins.

But before we can move onto that, the final and most important member of the group, Prasanth. Our golden boy. Prasanth was born to Shivalingam Satheeswaren, the richest man in the world, known for building the world's largest personal-computer software company; Vision. Unlike the others, Prasanth did not have a damaged relationship with his father or the rest of his family. However he always strived to earn the fortune he was promised and prove he deserved the position.

From a young age he followed his father around the company becoming familiarised with the business and how it worked so that someday he too could become a worthy CEO. As he grew he began to suggest his own ideas and brought success to the company in his own way, finally earning the respect of everyone at the company and of the business world.

Prasanth fitted most perfectly into the two most desired stereotypes: 'tall, dark and handsome' and 'the strong silent type' making his every girls dream guy. And that he was. Girls fawned over him and they all wanted to be with the official Most Eligible Bachelor in the World. However he did not let this get to his in the slightest, he was a very down-to-earth, kind guy who loved his mother to bits.

Ok, you want to call bullshit? This guy can't possibly exist? Well he does but he can't exactly be called pure either, after all, all those girls throwing themselves at him, he's still a guy. So he had been spotted with several girls over the years but he had never been in a true relationship. Such is difficult when you are so well known that everyone thinks they know exactly who you are.

And unfortunately for our hero, when he finally meets someone worth his while, she presumes the exact same thing. Our story beings when we meet this very girl. It was the middle of summer and the crew had all finally been reunited back home in London. They had been relatively inactive as of late, so paparazzi were unlikely to be lurking. Thus their decision to relax at the local park. The boys had been throwing around a Frisbee and Diego, the clutz, had thrown it smack into the back of a girl's head. After cussing him along with the others, Prasanth went to retrieve it and apologise.

Clutching the Frisbee in her hands was the girl who would become his undoing.

A/N: Now I realise how unrealistic this is but I decided to finally just write down the characters that have been floating around in my head for so many years.