I'm sorry honey, but I'm leaving tomorrow.

Don't cry now, go find me something I can borrow.

I might not come back, give me something you don't need.

I promise to protect it as long as I still breathe.

Don't you dare say that, honey, I won't let us part.

What else can I give to you? You're taking my heart.

No, I don't need it, and I never want it back.

I just want you back home, don't you slip through a crack.

I promise I'll be careful, now please don't worry.

I'm keeping your heart, I'm carrying your memory.

But you never know when a bullet might hit you.

Smile if that happens, I die happy, I had you.

You know that I'll cry, I won't make such a promise.

Can soldiers dying ever really bring in peace?

I'm proud of you, hun, but I'll be singing the blues.

You'll come back to me, I want to say I have you.