It has been thirteen years for most, for some just a few

But the same sadness fills our hearts, it's kind of new

New because all these years this school never let us stay sad

Friend always cheered us up, acting crazy and mad

The fights and the 'groups' are forgotten, as the news sinks in

It's our last year in school, so let the best one begin

Demanding treats for every little thing whether bad or good,

Teachers trying to get us to behave how the civilized should

Marching and screaming our lungs out, yelling the beat

Sweating in the blazing sun and oh! Our aching feet!

Scolding the juniors, "walk to your left, in a straight line!"

How we hated cos, cosec and sine!

The perfect hideout for crying was the loo

Friends came running on hearing the very first boo-hoo

Somehow in the break, we never ate our own food

Dumping our tiffins in someone's lap and going, "what have you got, dude?"

The plays and PPTs in the awesome English batch

Learning As You Like It and them evil plans Oliver used to hatch

The most fascinating thing in math? Not matrices, trigo-they were all lame

The most fascinating thing was how the teacher knew a person's roll number and not their name!

Chem's nitric, hydrochloric, sulphuric acids and salts

The brainies explaining the various properties to the dolts

Bio-gosh! The names and multiple terms to remember!
With stuff like this it was easy to make a blunder!

And seriously, not to forget geography!

Aargh the transport, minerals and topography!

In history and civics, though everything was crystal clear,

Forgetting names was a constant fear!

Physics clear concepts, but we felt the pressure and the squeeze

Especially since we thought gravity only applies to apple trees

The 6th subjects-computers, home science, PE and TD

Programming, table dressing, handball and isometry

The interschool competitions we went to

Had after effects-sore throats and red eyes too!

The constant battle between Twilight and Harry Potter

HP always won, 'cause OMG its so much better!

The nicknames and petnames we gave each other

The weirdness of some of them still makes me shudder!

Some 'grannies' discussed lovey-dovey hindi shows

This daily discussion kept even foes real close!

Singing in the choir, admitting to the house we sounded real bad

When someone from another house said this, we were raving mad!

Preparing for the debate, we'd drift away from the topic alloted

And debate on what ribbons looked better-bowtied or knotted

Half sleepy with dark circles around our eyes

We turned up for all extra classes, but not without lots of protesting cries!

Celebrating days like 'dhokla' day without any occasion

Counting the number of times a teacher said 'ok' was a few girls' passion

The canteen and its vada pav, samosas, ice cream and coke

Begging others for money, 'cause we were always broke

Climbing the stairs with heavy bags and TD kits,

Polishing canvas shoes with white chalk bits

Planning the farewell, bickering over the theme

Fighting over whether to have chocolate or strawberry ice cream

Before the elections, we were terribly nervous wrecks

As if someone had put on us a 'butterflies-in-stomach' hex

Crying in the music period after listening to 'Count On Me'

Jumping with joy when a period was free!

Changing places the moment the teacher was out of class

Copying in tests, crossing our fingers and hoping to pass

Our silly, stupid doubts the teachers struggled to clear

The exams came with the unbearable terror and fear!

We were typical girls when it came to celebrity crushes

Also when it came to clothes, make up and brushes

The way we shrieked at the mention of Josh Duhamel and Logan Lerman's names

On them each and every one of us laid their claims

Hugs and kisses,smiles and giggles, chuckles and grins,

And oh yes! Plenty of kicking in the shins!

As we go our separate ways-Japan, USA ,UK, Africa, maybe Spain

The memories linger in our heart, just hoping we meet again.