Have you ever hated someone so bad

That the very sight of them made you mad

Have you ever wanted to stab anyone in the back

When their presence made your world go black

Math makes me feel just like this

It's worse than a dementor's kiss

Why the hell do I need to study

Algebra, trigo and geometry?

I can add two and two, ain't that enough?

I'm sorry, this stuff is really tough

What happened to the good old fractions

Gone are the days of additions and subtractions

Replaced by this, ugh, the very thought

It's like absolute shit, crap and rot

Multiplication, multiplication, where art thou?

Why hast thee left me pi and tau?

What is the use of these things we learn?

Aaah, they're giving me a massive brain burn!

Who cares if the answer is 5x or 7y?

And gah! similarity makes me cry

This math-graine has no cureā€¦

It's a conspiracy against students, for sure!