Trembling from head to toe, the very first time we came here

Having no idea what school was, feeling a mixture of curiosity and fear

The terror was soon driven out and replaced by happiness and delight

We realized teachers were fun, and left, tiffins and hearts light

We treasure everything you taught us-lessons for life and ABCs

You healed the wounds in our hearts as well as on our knees

Leaving the pre-primary years, entering first standard, we waited, scared

But the primary teachers lost no time in making us feel loved and cared

Entering secondary as 'big girls', we vowed to be solemn and terribly serious

That was short-lived, because teachers made even napoleon fun and not tedious

But oh yes, becoming seniors, given responsibilities, we had to act dignified and good

The teachers did a splendid job of getting us to behave how the civilized should

Straight from nursery till 10th, all the teachers guided us, were always there

I wonder our obnoxiousness the teachers were able to, so gracefully, bear

These teachers, to us, are really priceless and oh-so-dear

I wonder how our stupid doubts they used to clear

We could always go to the teachers for anything-help or advice

We could talk to them about Pythagoras or about how voldemort dies

Whenever we freaked out, cried it was the end of the world or like hooligans jumped around

The teachers steadied our over-reactive imaginations and got our feet back on the ground

So today, on this very special day

There's just one thing we want to say

A very happy teacher's day!