Authors Note;Hi, So this poem is a bit personal, but I thought I'd share with you guys to show you that bullying happens to everyone. It really does suck, but it gets easier. Words hurts, but when someone tries to bring you down it just means your above them. Don't ever think your alone, cause your not!


I'm 15, I have a vision problem.
Things aren't as great as they seem.
You see me as the perfect person...
Well truth be told, your wrong.

My life isn't perfect.
Sometimes it gets really hard.
Putting up with peoples rude comments.
Pretending it doesn't hurt me.

Truth is.
It kills, makes me feel like no one cares
Like I'm nobody.
Like I'm a freak...
So different then everyone else
Things suck.

I find myself crying when I'm by myself
Trying to convince myself its okay.
It's really not.
Bullying hurts more then someone could ever imagine.
I know that first hand.
I go through it everyday.

There's people there to help.
Friends, Family, A trusted adult
Your never alone facing your problems.
Always remember that.
Never turn to suicide.
It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
And no one should have to feel there's no way out.

Your loved 3

By the way, this is a more freelanced poem, a type I learned in English class