Chapter 7 – Jake's Story

"It all started when we were 8 years old, my family and I lived on a farm back then. There was my mother and father, Billy, Janie who was my younger sister and then Sparks the dog. Billy and I were playing out on the moor with Janie. We weren't wolves, we were playing as humans. In the middle of our game a Billy said he saw a man, who was watching us. I looked where Billy was pointing and there was no one there. This happened over and over again for days, my parents and everyone in the town were convinced that the child had turned mad. Not only because of that but also because …" Jake stopped.

"Jake, I'm sorry… But you are going to have to tell me sooner or later.." I said.

"We were about 12 years old and one night, at midnight, I saw Billy leave his room and started to wander out into the moor's. I followed him, at it turned out that he wasn't lying about the man. I saw him with my very own eyes, he was definitely real." He looked at me, and sighed. "Janie had followed me. If I hadn't followed Billy, everything would have been fine. Janie stumbled out of the bush she was hiding behind. The man that Billy was with killed her. He just killed her on the spot. One shot of the gun, and she died. Billy was shocked, I was shocked. I ran over to her, but she was dead. I screamed at Billy, he screamed at me. Billy picked up the gun, and he was threatening to kill me, If I told anyone. Our parents came and saw he had the gun that was dropped by the man, and they saw Janie's dead body. They immediately thought it was Billy, because of his crazed behaviour over that past years."

"Billy ran away, we never saw him again. Until when I found out what he and that man was planning. They were forming a group of wolves… They hated humans, they thought the humans were nothing but pests and they thought they were higher than the humans. So the group would kidnap, convince other wolves that they thought were powerful and… well they would go out on the full moon hunting… and killing… humans. He was forced to kill my family. I escaped… but my parents didn't. That happened when I was 16, last year."

There were tears forming in Jake's eyes. Tears of guilt, pain, sadness and anger.

"I am so, so sorry." I said and then hugged onto Jake.

"It's all in the past now…" Jake said hurriedly, wiping away his tears. He got up, went into the living room.

"Rose…" he said.

"Yeah?" I asked, worried.

"Did you move his body?" Jake asked, worriedly.


"I didn't either" he said.


"Exactly" he said.

I got up from the kitchen table and jogged into the living room where Jake stood, sliding on the tiles in my socks, I slid right up next to him. Jake put his arm around my shoulders, and only then did I realise that he was very tall. Okay, of course I had realised he was tall, but he is definitely taller than me. I turned to face him, he did the same to me. "You have nice hair, by the way" I said, randomly, brushing his fringe to the side. It was black, and his eyes were blue.

"Your face is very nice", he said and winked.

"I know" I said back to him, and giggled.

He then hugged me, very warmly. After a while, I pulled back.

"So what happened with Billy's body?"

"No idea", he replied. "Ah well, it would be a miracle if he was still knocked out. I mean, you didn't punch him that hard."

"Oi. I could beat you up in under fifteen seconds" I said, confidently.

"Oh yeah?" He questioned me.

How dare he question me.

I then pounced onto him, both landing onto the couch. I started punching at him but he just laughed and easily held me back. I then crawled half under his shield of arms and punched him as hard as I could, which wasn't hard at all, right on the nose. He burst out laughing. He then picked me up and carried me over to the couch, sitting me on his lap. He looked at me, and I looked at him. He leaned in, so close that our nose were touching.

"Jake – " I started.

But he kissed me before I could even say against it. We just sat there and kissed each other for a while, because we both knew that each of us had tried to keep our feelings for each other to ourselves.

But as you can see, we're both failures.

He then pulled back, still holding the side of my face.

"Rose, why didn't you tell me?" He said, smiling.

"Because I thought you weren't interested. I'm nothing but a dull, unattractive girl, who loves reading." I said, sadly.

"You are definitely interesting. I was interested as soon as I met you, even before I found out that you were a wolf. You're smart, attractive, amazing, beautiful and you love reading. I do too. And you're my girl, my wolf."

I buried my face into the side of his neck. Giggling and crying.

I knew he was probably thinking, what the hell. Why is she crying? But I wasn't sad, in fact, this was the happiest I have ever felt, ever.

The rest of our night was good. We moved into his room, since the other wolves had started to come back. I called my parents saying I was sleeping over a friend's house. We laid back in his bed, watching movies, reading, eating chocolate and kissing. I loved his smell by the way, it was an earthy smell. I then got changed into one of his shirts, and slept on the couch in his room. But I got scared, lonely and cold so I moved into his bed, neither of us minded.


"Wake up sleepyhead" Jake whispered.

"Oh hey," I said.

"Today's not going to be a good day for us sweetie." He mumbled.


"Billy's decided we've had too much happiness, so he sent us another note"

"Oh great".

Just wonderful.

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