'A year has 365 days ... '

I was writing on a thin paper made of cherry wood. It smelled nice.

'If one man dies every day in this city, then I will be alive for at least four more years ...'

I shuddered. And it wasn't cold. I left it there and got up abruptly. I went outside ̇ it was reallycold. I buried myself deep inside my coat and covered my head with the hood. I put my hands in its pockets and began to walk along the road leading to the central square of the small city.

Outside, the sky was clear with stars but it was very dark, until the center. I fastened my pace while deep in thought.

They had let me choose the order of the victims. This was enough ̇ I would have my time to decide what to do. I certainly have to arrange a way to separate them from everywhere, firstly. Then will I cut the phone and the electricity somehow. But that would initiate the suspicions of service and administration, so I have to do everything pretty quickly. Then could go to the police and soldiers and all those who can find me...

'It may still be better to let them catch me, but this is definitely better to me than making it through that hell... '

I had to reach a decision soon. On the one hand, the more years it will take me to kill them all, the more I will live, but as a killer. On the other hand, the sooner I do it, the faster it will all be over. I did not know what I wanted of the two. Maybe both of them... I did not know which side to see it from.

Nobody knows me here. And so it had to stay. I was forbidden to have other contacts except those with people in the organization. Not even 'hello' I was told I wasn't allowed to say. Nobody should know anything about me. Not even my voice! Let alone my hair and my eyes. That's why I had been forced to act as if I was blind. My eyes were constantly covered by a black piece of cloth and most of the time I kept them closed. I only removed the fabric when I was at home.

I was used to it now, after so many years of training, to act like a blind. I had a great listening ability and could even move myself in a place, almost always without help.

I started to really use these skills yesterday. Until yesterday, everything I have done was simple practice. The real action starts now. I liked action and I liked the fact that I had finally escaped from my daily routine. Now, of course, it was different.

Now I have to bring out a mission that will give me or cost my life. And I am not sure if will manage to save myself.

All these I was thinking, while I played my role as a blind teenager who wanders without reason in the streets of Thebes. Basically I just wanted to get to know the city. Later, at 2:00 p.m. was planning to go to the forest, called Moschopodi. I had to do gymnastics, anyway, so why not go for a little freestyle parkour in nature?

After about half an hour of walking, I was suddenly bored and decided to go back home. I made a 180 deegre turn and started to walk towards the opposite side, the one I had come from.

Soon I realized that not I didn't remember the way back home. I was lost in my thoughts all this time, -something that is unusual for me to do- and I lost my way while walking. I regretted it bitterly that I turned around, because now I thought I walked inside a narrow path and did not know how this happened, or how to go back where I was.

I was starting to panic, especially when I heard voices coming from the other side of the narrow path. The voices were noisy and were directed towards me. I imediately thought about running towards the other side but I did not know which side I heard those voices. Perhaps from both.

I decided on the spot to just sit on the floor.

'No one will notice... hopefully...' The voices could be heard closer by, they werecoming closer. I sat down, and stuck my back on the , I lowered my face and tried to breathe very slowly and quietly.

They were very close to me now. There were many people talking but I could not understand what they were saying, because they were talking loudly and at the same time. I estimated them to be around four male, and young. It was Sunday so probably, they were brats and had come to drink.

I froze.

'Oh. no! Not drunk!' I clenched my teeth but did not move. They must have been five meters to my left.

'I do not let them spoil my plan ...' At that moment I felt something approaching at a high speed. My left shoulder has hit by a kick, I assumed.

I didn't really feel much pain, it was nothing for me. Some of them laughed. The same person who hit me -I assumed- told his friends something but I did not understand. I wanted to get up and leave this place but if they found me tomorrow or another day, I was screwed.

'I do not believe that many blind people wander unescorted around here...' Then I realized how stupid I was not to think that the way I dressed and behaved would definitely attract attention.

They must have thought I was poor, homeless or whatever because I heard them swear at me. I didn't care about that. The only thing that I was concerned about was that they might give me a nickname and that would instantly make me known to the people here. This had to be avoided at all cost.

'Surely, I know how to remain unnoticed and hide...' I mocked myself, as usual when I make mistakes. Then, with a leap, I got up and started running with a smile on my face.

After some minutes of running, I stopped and to take some breaths. I thouched the wall beside me, it was a corner. I had found the way out of the alley. I heard commotion a bit further and that was what made me absolutely sure.

'What a fool he is!' But it seems he was not at all stupid. Specifically, one of those, who followed me when I was running, pulled me by the arm back into alley and pinned me on the wall.

"Where do ya think ya go?" He was speaking like a drunk. Indeed he must have been! It seemed to me I was starting to sweat, because he waned to start a fight with me for some reason. Just when I started to wonder if I should fight back, I heard a temperamental female voice coming from my right, from the exit of the alley.

'It seems it's not enough for God to humiliate me in front of these dogs, now I will be humiliated in front of girl, too ...!' I was thinking of total crap but this girl looked like she wasn't scared at all.

"George, what are you doing? Would you care to explain to me?" She addressed her question at the boy that had pinned me onto the wall. I knew, because the boy let go off my hand and spoke.

"We are havin' soooome fun!" Before he could say the whole word, the girl interrupted him.

"Stop it!" I smiled. I liked this girl a lot. "It's too late for you little fools to be here this late at night!" I understood, why she called them fools, but I would not say the same about that boy...

"Who's a fool huh?!" Snapped another boy. It seemed that things would be evolving aggressively.

'Just dare to lay a hand on her and you're dead' I mentally told him.She got me through a very difficult situation. Too bad I will not be able to thank her properly.

The controversy continued a little longer, until I got tired. Especially that guy, George, was beginning to get on my nerves with all this insolence of his. The first thing that crossed my mind was that I could make him my first victim. But of course I rejected it immediately. I wouldn't kill him in front of that girl, or his friends. It was too much of a risk.

I had almost no idea of the space around me, so it was hard for me to move without seeing. While they were still arguing, I dragged my foot forward and barely touched another's shoe, George's I guess. I dragged it a few millimeters behind his leg and got ready for a kick behind his knee.

I did a fast-forward with my elbow and pushed him backwards, while my foot threw a kick at the back of his knee. He groaned and heard a thud was heard. I must have threw him down on the ground. Instinctively, I turned to my right and started running. I ran to the girl.

"Thank you! ..." I said, "... but we gotta go." I followed the line of her shoulder with my hand to find her own hand and caught it. I felt so happy that she happened to be quite clever because she understood immediately what I wanted her to do. She began to run, driving us both out of the narrow alley and into the main road, which was full of people. The others didn't follow us, fortunately, the were rather busy with their fallen drunk friend.

'Yays! Well done, Bob! You did well again, today!'