Chaos And Ghosts.

Can you see the smoke surrounding you?
Can you see it changing you?
Can you feel it choking you?
Can you feel it swallowing you?

There is nothing to be found within
these ashes, there is nothing
to love within these walls,
there is nothing for them to destroy anymore.

The sickness of their breath
and the bitterness of your regret
wash over me and push me, hold me
down onto the ground, tasting the blood of my bitten tongue.

I am not surrounded by flowers
as much as I'm surrounded by cowards,
the mud on my fingers is not from my fall,
but for a grave I digged too young, around innocence and hate.

Their voices say I'm guilty,
but of what, I do not know,
of being a child? I wonder,
of being afraid? I wonder.

You left so early, you ran too soon,
you've been gone for too long,
you wouldn't know me,
you wouldn't hear me sing anymore.

Is it beautiful now?
Is it acceptable now?
The broken mirror of my reflection,
the distorted image of what I once was?

Even as they laugh prettily,
without a smile, I taste the evil
coming from their minds,
no hand to hold, no place to hide.

Their fault was too big,
the red from my own blood too thick,
I wasn't meant to be here,
we were supposed to be free.

The end sounds so far away,
I cling to what is left of us,
the wind and sky mourning for our loss,
I know the darkest is yet to come, like a forgotten song.

The sound of chaos and ghosts.