Chipped nails scratch

Bruised knees

Cheap mascara trails

Down freckled cheeks

A forehead with

A few spots plunks

On to skinny forearms

Tangled hair curtains after

Gravel encrusted jeans and

A worn concert hoodie

Fail to shield from cold

But shield her hurt perfectly

English and Chemistry

And History and Math

All loom over her broken

Form in a frantic mind

Along with her demons

She's given them names

Because she's known them

Since she turned twelve

Go away Perfection

Leave me alone Sexuality

Shut up Suicide

And stop playing with Self Esteem

As if there's enough left

She bruised and bloodied

And scarred and shamed

Just like the body that holds her

Short shorts and tank tops

And highlights skip past

To their sports cars

Leaving school in the dust

The now hollow school

Provides a place to hide

For those ripping storms

Inside unfortunate souls

She's ready to let it out

Ready to see rosy blood

Drip on to pale concrete

In pretty little spots

The blade comes out

From a pencil sharpener

Presses against a pale wrist

It starts to bite-

It's gone

Skinny forearm yanked upwards

By a boy she thought

Didn't know or care

He's seen her before

Trudging to the quad

Leaving some time later

With a shaking body

She can't look at him

Red eyes drift to the

Concrete which should

Have spots but doesn't

He tries to talk to her

She can't hear him

Just a buzz of words

She's too tired to understand

A shadow falls over her

Hunched on the ground

Muscled arms wrap around

An all too skinny torso

Tear filled eyes shut

Tightly and scarred wrists

Search for a firm torso

And squeeze

This is how it should end

Instead of red spotted cement

What in the world have we

Done to deserve this?