Last night, I dreamed a scary dream.

I was floating in a sandwich down a stream.

I then looked over and miraculously saw

A flamingo sucking on a monkey's paw.

The monkey screeched and howled,

Severely rankled, he began to growl.

I calmed him down with a piece of ham,

But it was to no avail, the monkey only liked jam.

I then somehow morphed into a French cucumber.

Who was quite clumsy and had a bear-like lumber.

Yet he had a fancy monocle, and very posh attire.

It was something I could not help but admire.

As I stood, looking at my nicely elegant clothes,

A strange, cryptic message from my mouth arose.

I had to gather some cronies, and fight a large duck.

I gathered the gang, but soon things ran amok!

For the the duck was so tall, his head was unseen.

And soon we had no idea how to beat this being.

But I commandingly proclaimed, "There must be a way!"

There was, but it took much effort, thought and all of a day.

Our plan was simple; send that evil duck plummeting,

off the Grand Canyon, although it was open to adjusting.

We infiltrated his lair, and took him away in chains.

Then we threw him down, and blood flowed like rain.

It was terrible, but we remained stoical until the end.

Unfortunately, it was too late to make amends,

All the duck's friends' had given us their enmity.

There was another battle, a huge calamity!

Until I awoke, shivering from fear in my bed.

Never to forget those strange events in my head.

To be continued (I hope not)