Bruised, beaten, broken.

What is one to do?

When the world is spiraling out of control,

Sometimes all you have is you.


And it doesn't end.


Those hurtful voices that you hear in your head,

They won't ever go away.

And though the words were spoken long ago,

They're still ringing in your ears today.


It's not going to end.


Why must you remember?

It's just so hard to forget.

Why can't you just accept that it's over,

And just get over it?


You can't get over it.


What other people just don't understand,

Is that you still remember.

You still hear every word, every phrase, every voice,

And it doesn't get any better.


It will follow you forever.


After all the bullying,

After the hurtful words are over,

It still stays with the victim,

And it will stay forever.


Bullying is forever.