When I look into your eyes

I find a cold sort of selfishness

Of which I dispise

Oh, I hate you

You and all your lies

Only a man

As shallow and dispicable

As you could stand idle

While your child cries

You find justice

In the worst of crimes

But yet you'll hit her

Until she dies

If I had the nerve

If I had the right

I would kill you

I'd stop the fights

Don't underestimate me

Dearest uncle of mine

Don't think I'm immune

Don't think me blind

I know your tricks

And I know your kind

You won't stop

Until the last dream

Has been crushed

You won't quit

Until her tears have been


You are something

I will never understand

How could a coward like you

Be considered a man?

Lie for the things you want

And steal for the things you need

It's enough

To make a woman

Fall weak at the knees

Call her a wife, call it a slave

You won't leave her

Until she's dead in her grave

So sick, so vile

I order you to exile!

A coward like you

A villain it's true

Injustice at it's best

Oh I'll be looking to you

When it comes to the test

You'll pay for your crimes

And who's gonna cry?

A coward like you

Has many adversaries, you see

More than just those

Numbering me

I pray for you,

That you change your ways

And if you don't...

I have nothing left to say