All his life he had been told

"Shut the windows, the Heat is on"


"Shut the windows, you're throwing money out of them"

Or better yet

"What have I told you a million times!?"

But he loved opening the windows

And letting the fresh air and wind into his bedroom

In the way that some people loved walks in the woods

And others liked long, arduous hikes

And still others liked to boat and swim and dive

So he opened his windows as far as they'd go

But all his life they shut the windows in front of him

But soon enough, enough was enough

And he locked his bedroom door

And he threw open the windows

And tore through the screen

And he put his head out and screamed in delight!

The air chilled his face

Goose bumps rose on his arms and legs

And his smile was natural and genuine!

And the smell, o' the smell

The smell was a life-giving smell

He left those windows open

And the sound of the wind drowned out

The sound of his father's door banging

And he sat back and relaxed

And he deeply inhaled

And he breathed real breaths at last