First Day

I stared in awe at the figure crouched before me. Deep ebony hair fell down to broad shoulders, which dipped downwards into a chiseled torso, and bright ruby eyes stared at me, waiting for a reaction.

If my mouth hadn't still been covered by the comforter, I would have screamed.

Akai was HUMAN!

Well… almost. My eyes rolled upwards to the cat ears flicking on top of his head, and I could see a black tail swishing side to side behind him.

He grinned at me, sharp canines glistening in the dim lighting.

"You seem speechless, dear." He caressed the side of my face with the back of his hand. I jerked away from his touch, getting a deep chuckle from the man…cat…thing in front of me.

"I see you're not very happy with me. Well, maybe I can change that."

He snapped his fingers, which were tipped with sharp claw-like nails, and the blanket holding me captive fell lifelessly to the floor. I stumbled for a moment, a tingling sensation running through me as the blood began flowing in my limbs again. I rubbed my arms to try to work the flow again.

Akai stood from where he had been crouching, his eyes locked onto me. I raised my eyes to glare at him, but quickly turned away.

Apparently the transformation from stuffed animal to human doesn't come with pants.

Akai laughed at me. "Why Cerise, I'm stunned. Do you not find me attractive?"

I could hear him behind me, getting closer and closer until I could feel his body heat through my t-shirt and jeans.

I crossed my arms over my chest, praying he didn't get too close. "What do you want? You have your body, now leave me the fuck alone!"

He chuckled. "Why would I want to do that? I have a warm house, a nice bed, and quite an attractive woman to share it all with."

I almost vomited.

"Oh hell no."

I whirled back around, zeroing in on his face and forcing my eyes not to stray further south. "You can take whatever perverted ideas you have in your fat head and shove them up your ass. Get the hell out of my house. NOW."

He just smirked at me, shaking his head sympathetically.

"My dear Cerise, aren't you forgetting something?"

He raised his hand and snapped his fingers again, and I found myself forced up against the wall.

He grinned, a feral snarl that showcased his sharp canines.

"I have complete control over you. Nothing you say or do will change that."

He stepped closer, his body towering over mine. His claw tips played with a lock of my hair while his eyes seared my face. "You lost the game, remember?"

I audibly growled.

Note to self, KILL Erika if you live through this.

I glared at him. "Just because I lost, doesn't mean that you can do whatever the hell you want with me! The rules state you get a body, nothing more."

Akai smirked at me, that damn smirk, and ran his fingers through the hair at the crown of my head. "My dear Cerise… did you really think that limited me to just 'taking over' your body?"

He leaned against me, and I could feel every single inch of his naked torso pressed tightly against mine. I forced down the bile rising in my throat.

He licked his lips sensually. "I think that a more pleasant sentence would be for me to… simply 'take' you."

I twitched. Does he mean…?

His hand ran down my side, the sharp points of his nails catching at my cotton shirt and leaving small tears in the fabric.

Yup, that's what he means…

"Over my dead body!" I snarled.

Akai laughed, his teeth glinting in the dim light as he watched me struggle against my invisible binds.

"Oh, I knew I chose you for a reason! Such fire! Such passion… and speaking of passion…" he reached for the hem of my t-shirt.

I increased my efforts, urging my muscles to move. But they didn't respond, frozen and unhearing of my call.

As he brushed my skin with his fingers, a searing heat spread through my body. I gasped when Akai leapt backwards with a snarl.

His eyes went completely black in anger. "What in the seven hells was that?!"

He held his hands close to his chest, and I could see that the tips of his fingers were charred and smoking.

I blinked in shock, not really understanding what had just happened, and looked down at my body.

Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, but I wasn't complaining since it had gotten that asshole away from my personal space.

I then noticed Gran's cross.

It was glowing…

Akai followed my line of sight, snarling loudly at the necklace. "You have a talisman?! How did I not sense that?!"

I kept quiet. What was he talking about? There was no way…

I then realized that whatever spell he had put on me that had held me to this fucking wall had evaporated, since I could feel my muscles slowly coming back to life.

Hopefully, he won't notice… he'd be too preoccupied with getting his girly hands burned.

His eyes shot back up to mine, the feral snarl replaced with his blasted smirk. "No matter. I'll get rid of it, then we can get back to enjoying ourselves…"

I growled. "The hell we will. The only think I'm going to enjoy is kicking your ass!"

Placing my palms against the wall, I pushed myself off and rammed my shoulder into his chest, hitting him hard enough to knock him off balance.

Unfortunately, my muscles immediately protested the sudden movement after their short hibernation, and I quickly sunk to the ground, my entire body acquiring the pins-and-needles felling of restricted blood flow.

While we both attempted to regain our bearings, the necklace's glow brightened tenfold, heating to an almost blistering degree. It floated on its chain around my neck, seemed to lock on to Akai, and then zapped him.


The cross shot out a white-hot energy that hit him directly in the chest, causing him to cry out in ear-shattering pain. He fell backwards, landing on the hardwood floor with a jarring thud.

I sat there, shell-shocked, taking a bit to absorb what exactly had just happened while I waited for my muscles to begin to function again.

Did Gran's necklace just electrocute him…?

Cautiously, I poked at the pendant around my neck. Nothing happened: no scorching heat or magical electric shocks.


After a few moments of waiting for the irritating tingling to go away, I scotched across the floor to Akai's unconscious (and, unfortunately, still naked) form. I leaned over and observed my tormentor.

He seems to be unconscious… but let's just be sure…

I leaned in a bit closer, getting close enough to where the cross dangled just above his sternum. With another bright flash, it hit him dead center with another searing bolt.

He shuddered and went still.

I was satisfied.

Good, maybe he's dead.

Suddenly, my phone rang.

I jumped, the loud blaring ring shaking me up and bringing me back to reality.

Deciding to deal with the currently cat-tatonic (ba-dum-tss), deep-fried demon in my bedroom later, I stood and clumsily ran for the kitchen, snatching the phone off its base.


"Cerise?! What in the name of Christ's going on up there?!"

It was my landlord, Tanya. I sighed in relief.

"Holy shit, Tanya. You scared the crap out of me…"

She snorted. "I scared you? Girl, I've been hearing screaming and thuds coming from your apartment for the past hour. Just what the hell's going on?!"

I opened my mouth to spill out the entire story, then I caught myself.

What if that crazy bastard tries to hurt her…?

I sighed. "I was watching a scary movie, and I got a bit carried away. Sorry about that."

She hummed for a second, probably sensing that I wasn't telling the whole truth, but accepted my hasty fib.

"Alright, but you need to keep the noise level down to a dull roar from now on, are we clear?"

I nodded, then remembered she couldn't see me. "Yes ma'am. I'll turn down the volume and keep the screams down, I promise."

After I clicked the end button, I heard a loud groan coming from my bedroom. If he could make noise, that meant he was waking up! And that only meant bad news for me…

I ran back into my bedroom, seeing Akai's prostrate body beginning to twitch. Feeling no remorse, I zapped him a couple more times with Gran's cross, kicking him in the side just to be sure he stayed down.

I then returned to the kitchen to call the only person that could hopefully give me the answers that I was looking for.


Punching in the numbers I knew by heart, I waited what seemed like years as the line rang.

Please pick up…


I sighed in relief. "Thank God. Finally I can get some answers…"

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