The whole class is sweaty as we climb the stair case to to the grand dining room. My uniform sticks to me as I stand in line to get my food. Somebody shoves me from behind and I stumble into the person in front of me.

"Hey! Watch where your going, Clumsy!" the boy that I bumped into says.

"Sorry, somebody pushed me." I respond, but he's already turned back around. I look over my shoulder to see who pushed me, and I am surprised to see Miss Preppy.

"Yeah, I shoved you, do you have a problem with that?" she snaps, sticking her hip out to the side.

"Uh, actually I do. I think you broke one of my wing bones." I respond thinking of how I am physically going to get back at her. I groan a little to make the trick more realistic.

"Oh, I'm sorry I broke one of your precious little bones," She says in a mocking voice. "Here, let me have a look at it. Maybe I can fix your wing.".

"Ok," say with a mischievous smile on my face. I turn around and whip my "hurt" wing out, whacking her in the face. With a smirk, I pull my wing tight to my back and move up in the line acting as if nothing ever happened. I walk to the table where Zoe, Ben and Jacob sit. I slide in next to Zoe and stare at my burnt piece of pizza. When I look up I see all three of them looking at me with awe.

"Um, why are you guys looking at me like that?".

"It's just, no one has ever stood up to Stacey like that." Jacob says.

"Well, there is always a first." I respond.

"I guess." Jacob sighs.

"Well," Zoe says, a little jealously "She just doesn't pick on me, yeah… she must too sacred…".

I look over to the only person who hasn't spoken and see him staring intently into my eyes. His aqua blue-green eyes, staring into my deep chocolate ones. Jacob nudges Ben and that breaks his gaze. He blushes a little and turns back to his pizza.

'Oh, so now I get a blush. Huh, thats weird.' I get that weird tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach again and decide I've had enough of not knowing why I get it.'I'll ask Zoe later,'.

The one good thing about this school, is that we have free-time after dinner, all the way until 10:30, which is "lights-out". Ben and Jacob have gone off to practice riding their horses, so it's just Zoe and I. She sits on her bed, with her yellow sketchpad open, drawing something. I sigh and lie down at the foot of her bed.

"Something wrong?" she asks, still not looking up from the sketchpad.

"Well… I've been wanting to ask you something…" I glance over at her, her tiny feat in front of my face.

She sets the sketch pad down, and lies down next to me. "Spill the beans, sister." she says, propping her head up.

"Well…" I blush a little and decide to ask something else. "Is your wing feeling okay?". Ever since the encounter with that man, she'd let her bandage wing hang free in the dorm.

She rolls her eyes, "Just fine, now tell me really what's wrong.".

"I just, Ergh… have so many questions…" I rub my palms on my face.

"Before we get into anything deep, because I'm assuming it relates to Ben, Jacob and I, did Ben tell you everything about our planet?".

"No, I got too tired… he never told me why those men were attacking your planet.".

"Those "men" are called Gahkkis." she began. "The Gahkkis overpopulated their planet, and needed more space. They went from planet to planet, trying to find good living conditions, but could not. Then at last they came to our planet. Using their advanced ships, they took over. Finding it rather comforting, they stayed.".

I cocked my head, "Then why didn't you live in harmony with them?".

"Well, they did shoot lasers at us… also… they've um, developed a taste for us.".

I crinkle my nose in disgust "Ew. So can't you avoid them?".

"They can shape shift into our beloved ones. And since we were all in hiding, we didn't know who was alive or dead…" she frowned and sighed.

'I've never see you with a sad look on her face…'. I frowned a little at her as she continues the story.

"Anyway, the knight is from the 16th century, and when the Gahkkis came to earth, they copied all of the nights in sight. They now call themselves…".

"The Dark Knights. Loyal to the Lion God." I said.

Zoe's eyes grew wide "Wh-what…? How did you-".

"I don't know… I just…". 'What's wrong with me? How did I know?'.

Zoe reached into her drawer and pulled out the dream cream. "Lie down, on the pillow." she said, almost sternly.

"Wait! You've got to tell me what that stuff is first!", I said frowning. 'I don't even know what's going on…'.

"Dream cream is something rubbed on your wrist." Zoe began, almost talking a little too quickly, "It lets whoever is rubbing it on to see and manipulate someone's dreams. Now lie down." she said almost angrily, opening the jar.

"How do I know you won't do something terrifying?!" I yelled, bolting up.

Her face softened, into a look of sadness. "Please… I've been waiting for this for years…".

I sighed and lied back down "Fine… but if you do anything bad, I'll kill you.".

"I'll only do what I have to," she said kneeling by the bed and rubbing the cream on my wrist. The the sweet lavender sent of the cream made me drift off into a deep sleep.