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はるはる ! HaruHaru!

Volume 1


There was once a saying.

In the past, God created man and woman as a whole being.

But because the entity was flawless, so perfect and strong, that God feared their rebellion.

As such, he decided to split them into two, throwing them to different ends of the world.


It was the duty of both man and woman to born and find their rightful half…

And that's how it is, and will always be.


It was the year 2013, 7:30 in the morning of a fresh day. The weather was slightly warm and bright enough to light up the interior of a particular house situated in a particular residential apartment, located in one of the districts of Tokyo.

The apartment contained two rooms; a living room laid with tatami mats and a bedroom with a westernized layout, wooden floor, a dresser and frame bed. The apartment's entrance was between the kitchen on one side and the toilet on the other. The overall look gives off a simple and minimal feel.

The pros of this apartment were first, that the living room and bedroom faced toward the morning sun, creating a much livelier atmosphere. Secondly, rent was surprisingly cheap despite the fact that it was well-situated in terms of easy access to both public transport and a convenience store; affordable and advantageous for someone living alone.

"Bye Inu-chan. I'll be back before dinner," said Daisuke Taiga, the resident of this apartment, who was in his second year studying at Tokyo High. He was 6 feet tall, a healthy size for a teenager his age. He pushed back his messy black hair as he slung his school bag up his shoulder and tucked his feet into his black cloth shoes. His unruly hair immediately fell back into its customary place.


The sharp, whistle-like call came from his golden retriever, Inu-chan. Inu-chan was Daisuke's only roommate. The dog was not given to him as a birthday gift or gift of any sorts. In fact, she was an injured stray that he found in a corner of his district during a rainy afternoon some time ago. Since then, it seemed like she had sworn her loyalty to him. Daisuke searched hard for a hint of her owner on her collar but failed. She was surprisingly domestically trained, so Daisuke had no problem letting her stay alone in the apartment while he was gone all day.

He may live alone, but with her there it meant that he would not be lonely at home.

Tapping the tip of his shoe lightly on the floor, Daisuke brushed his hand over Inu's head as the canine, purred like a cat, in satisfaction.

"Today's the start of the new term. Do you know what that is?"

Inu-chan tilted her head to the side and licked her owner's palm as her tail wagged happily. It could mean that she understood his words, or maybe, she just wanted to appease her owner.


Since it was the start of the new term, it was only natural that the first day of school was the opening ceremony to welcome the fresh underclassmen and congratulate the upperclassmen's promotion to their new classes.

By the time Daisuke stepped foot into the school, it was already packed with students chattering away as they crowded in front of the school board to check the listings for the class they were assigned. They also scanned the lists checking out their new classmates.

"Ah, Daisuke Taiga is in the same class as us!"

"What are you so happy about? Haven't you heard the rumours?"

"'Blunt Taiga', the man admired by all the girls, but feared by many..."

"Eh? Why's that?!"

"You mean you didn't know? Ah… he's here!"

The gossip immediately came to a halt as all eyes zoned in on the student at the center of their conversation. Little murmurs began to form in the tiny groups standing around as Daisuke Taiga walked past. Some of the girls swooned because of his 'silently cool' demeanour, so much that their cheeks would flush a deep red whenever their eyes came into contact with his.

It was not an exaggeration. To be fair, Daisuke Taiga did have the face and physique that any student would envy. As he passed he heard whispers about how he placed 2nd in the exams last year, 1st in track and field, along with a list of other achievements as well, but to Daisuke, he didn't think of them as 'accomplishments'.

Isn't it normal to achieve them?, he would have said, but to save his breath, he chose to ignore them and walked into the shoe locker area.

Taking off his shoes, he opened his assigned locker and swapped them with the pair of school provided shoes inside. Quietly shuffling his feet into them comfortably, Daisuke turned towards the stairs only to face one of the high school girls.

Her cheeks were flushed red and in her hands was a small letter sized packet wrapped nicely with a pink ribbon.

"Ah!...Erm...D-Daisuke-sempai! T-this is a small gift from me to y-y-y-you!" the girl declared her feelings loudly despite feeling so embarrassed announcing it in front of the other students.

"Oy, oy, oy! That girl is gonna get it."

"What's it ?"

"You'll see…"

Gossips and chatters could be heard clearly behind his back, yet Daisuke made no attempt to entertain them. Brushing his mass of jet-black hair back, he peered down at the girl whose head bowed down a good ninety degrees.

"You there..." Daisuke spoke first, his words unwavering. The underclass girl quickly looked up and it was obvious that tears were already brimming at the corner of her eyes out of intense embarrassment. Still, the junior student hoped with all her heart that the 2nd year senior would accept her gift.

"Stop. Your emotions are clearly one-sided. As of right now I have no interest in you, and we really should be focusing more on our studies, so for both our sakes, please drop this."

"E...e-eh?" the girl replied with an expression of confusion painted on her face, as though she was unable to decipher the meaning behind those simple words.

"I don't need it, so please step aside," Daisuke Taiga repeated his sentence again, this time in a much firmer tone.

There was an intense silence for a good few seconds at first. Daisuke indifferently stared straight ahead, waiting for the girl to move. Quivering with tears streaming down both her cheeks, the defeated girl complied with his instruction obediently, before covering her face as she cried and ran out of the locker room.

"I knew this would happen..."

"Ahhh, doesn't that bastard know how much effort she put into preparing that gift?"

"It's not the first time anyway..."

Once more the crescendo of random voices behind his back purposely let Daisuke Taiga know of their disapproval, but that did not bother him at all. Not a bit.

The school bell began to ring and the crowd broke down into smaller groups as they all prepared themselves for the new term ahead.


With that, 'Blunt Taiga' marched forward as he climbed up the stairs towards his classroom. To Daisuke, all these exchanges were just unnecessary distractions. As long as he did his work well in school, he would be content and the world will still turn.

But who knew, that the new school term ahead would be much more troublesome than what Daisuke Taiga would expect.


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